Ashtar On The Road Teleconference October 22, 2013
Ashtar Command“Greetings, Beloved Family!  It is I, Ashtar and we are here with the entire Company – the Ashtar Command, The Mentors, the Ascended Masters, the dwellers of the Angelic realms, the Devas and the Fairy realms, and all of you, Beloved Ones – and we invite you to remain with us on the Bridge of my ship, The New Jerusalem, while we discuss some matters of interest, indeed, of the greatest importance, because you, Beloved Ones, are the ones here to make the difference, and you are!!!  We are so in love with you and all of your expressions of Love and Joy and Courage!
“Now, we wish to continue this discussion of what you are calling ‘the borderers,’** because we wish to remind you of something. It was the Scottish people who were invaded, time after time. There were the Romans and there were the English, and of course during the times of Atlantis, there were those who were what you call the dwellers of the land.  And those who came – from other planets even – decided that they would get the upper hand.  The ancient wisdoms which have been carried forth into the Druid and other cultures were at first honored by the outsiders who first came, and then they gradually took over.
“Every single one of you has had time in Atlantis, or in what you call Europe during the Dark Ages and the Middle Ages.  There is not a being on Planet Earth today who does not wear that particular badge.  Why?  Because it was important for your growth, and for the growth of humanity as a whole, to experience those cultures.
“How many of you saw the movie called Braveheart?  Were you not, shall we say, in sympathy with the Scottish people at that time?  They became fierce fighters because they were defending their homes and their lands, and there were others.  It is not that they were always fighting the invaders – the clans are notorious.  You’ve heard of the Hatfields and the McCoys?  They carried that right into the United States of America, and there are many, many tales of the feuds that go back so far that no one even knew what they were feuding about. They only knew that one family or the other, among the Scottish families, were the enemy.
“Remember the Montagues and the Capulets?  From a different time, and of course that was in Italy, another part of Europe, but this warring between clans and families is as old as Atlantis and it does go back before.  But for the purposes of this current civilization we are focusing there.  As we told you the Scottish and the English became fierce fighters.  The English weren’t immune to being invaded. Their neighbors across the sea to the west, the Irish, had been known to do some damage in the country called England, and of course the Viking raids – another group of fierce fighters – had also made their mark on these lands.
“All of the countries of Western Europe and Eastern Europe, and going further into China with all the rivalries there – how about the Samurai of Japan?  Oh yes!  And of course there were some wars amongst the tribes of North and South America, and of course in Africa and in Australia.  There is not a place in the World which has not known war, where there have not been clans, families, tribes or villages, communities or countries who have not armed themselves ‘to the teeth,’ as you say, for whom war has not been a way of life.
“It was not so, of course, in Lemurian times, at least in the beginning, and even Atlantean times at least in the beginning, although there were elements.  But we will say this to you: you’ve all lived in these places in order to have ingrained within your beings and energy fields, some memories of this!!!
“And so it is happening now.  There is not as much violence in the United States of America, but there is the Tea Party, and they are about as outrageous as you can get.  But they got into the mainstream because there are many, many people who are tired of having their rights invaded, their privacy invaded, and so it has been war of a different kind.  Into all of this here you are, Beloved Ones, the Lightworkers!  The bringers of Peace, what we call the Peacemakers and yes, that is where reality lies.  As the Masters** have already told you – these ones who speak and gather this information to present to you called Tara and Rama -send them Love (the Tea Party members and their followers).
“Now, it is difficult perhaps when you imagine the make-up, shall we say – the one called Cheney was mentioned, there are others like Kissinger and Bush Sr.  Junior was a little less bloody.  Hilary, who is now running for president – she won’t make it, she’s already been taken care of.  What you are seeing is a holographic representation.  They had a couple of clones, they looked pretty old and raggedy – there’s not much left.  However they keep trotting out the same old, same old stuff to appeal to your sense of being a member of a tribe or a clan, to remember what it’s like to be on your guard, to live in fear, to know that at any moment you could be invaded, so you better get them before they get you – that’s the kind of mentality.
“Even in Greece, you know, that enlightened country made up of city states, they were always warring with each other.  There was a Golden Age, but there was still war.  And there were invaders from every direction.  So it is that this has been the pattern of Planet Earth.  There are other planets where there is no such thing as war.  The good news is that Planet Earth is almost there!  So this is the last of the rattlings (of the war drums).
“Understand, as fierce, as dedicated, as corrupt as they might be with a ‘don’t-care’ attitude, and giving absolutely no respect to you or your fellow humans and your animals, the air you breathe, the ground whose water you drink, and so on, these ones don’t have true Courage!  They have programs.  They have history/herstory that is dark and their whole thing is to continue with it at any cost.  They will gladly sacrifice themselves and most particularly their children – their so-called loved ones, those closest to them in their own families – in order to be a good soldier carrying out their programs, and so on and so on.  Because this is what they are here to do, this is their mission, and they’ve gotten away with it for eons of time.  So now, here you are!!!
“And you are standing up to them in your own ways, and it does not have to be that you have a gun, or that you arm yourself in any way to do any kind of physical damage.  It is simply that you show your Light – you let it shine!  What scares them most?  The light of your Love!  Now, it’s not that you are doing it to scare them.  You are doing it to show them the warmth, the radiance of coming and being a Being of Light, a Being of Heart, a Being of Caring and Compassion!!!
“They don’t see it that way, not all of them, but some of them have come to the Light!  Many of the ones who would be called ‘foot soldiers’ have already come to the Light or have done something part of the way.  How about these whistleblowers? They were once part of their organizations.  They have utilized the knowledge that they have gained from being on the inside and they are doing their share of putting it all out there in the Light so that there are no more of these dark secrets, these mysteries, these – ‘How did this happen?’ questions.
“It is for you to take responsibility and be a whistleblower of your own kind!!!  Does that mean that you need to risk having to seek political asylum because you blow the whistle on them?  No, it means sign the petitions, send the loving emails to Obama and the other Lightworkers.  It means marching, perhaps, in a parade of people who are standing up for their rights.  It means, perhaps sharing something with your neighbor – invite your neighbor for tea and say, ‘I want to tell you a few things,’ if they are ready. Tell them one thing.  See if they ask questions.  If they don’t and seem to withdraw or shrink a bit then just say, ‘Well, I can see that you have listened to me and I thank you for that!  Let’s have tea again next week, perhaps you need some time to digest what I have just told you.’
“In other words, you cannot just lay it all out there sometimes.  Be compassionate, be mindful of who you are speaking to, who you are sharing with, and go from there.  Get up in the morning and say ‘I am so grateful to be here!  I am so honored to be here, to be a part of this great movement into the Light of the Golden Age.  I invite myself and my Higher Guides to be connected with me fully on this day of days, that I may have the best day I have ever enjoyed in my entire life on this Earth, and that I may do my share to light it up even more!!!’
“Now, we are just about to enter into what we call the Holy Days. The Holy Days are a time of year when people think about Peace. That is a major, major, major requirement for full entry into the Golden Age!  We ask that you also remember this wonderful song that starts out, ‘Let there be Peace on Earth and let it begin with me!’  Do what you can to accomplish the transformation within yourselves.  You’ll radiate even more Light that way, and more will be drawn to you, and they’ll say, ‘What’s with you? You used to be a type A like me, and now you are so peaceful. Tell me how you do it!’
“You will draw, like a moth is drawn to the flame – it’s the same kind of attraction.  You are putting out more and more Light!  It’s all Love – that’s what it’s made of and that’s what you are made of!!!  Don’t let anybody tell you any different!  No matter what is going on in your physicality, know that it is governed from outside of your physicality.
“There’s been a lot of talk lately about how difficult this whole Ascension transformation is – and Merlin*** will have more on that!  But I will simply say that you can believe that if you want to – you can make plans to leave your physical body if it seems to get that hard – but how about instead calling in whatever miracles you need and working from a Higher Place, connecting with your Higher Self if you wish to think of it as that, getting yourselves up into a Higher Dimension?!!!
“If you were dancing during the 60’s and the 70’s to the rock bands, then play an old rock tune and start dancing!  If you were a flower child, put some flowers in your hair and play the folk songs that bring you into such High Vibration.  If you love to do the jitterbug, turn some of that music on – use music, use color! If you have a meditation room in your house and it is painted a bright orange, you might want to rethink that color, because bright orange is lively and wondrous, and if that works for you that is wondrous, but for most people bright orange is not going to put you up into that Higher Vibration.
“We are saying surround yourselves with Light, which is color and sound, and start your processes there.  You do not need to spend a fortune on it!  You can only evaluate – or we shall say take a Higher Perspective – when you observe and do something to lift yourselves up!  Program a crystal – that is so easy, to give yourselves that Higher Dimensional Perspective – and go from there in whatever it is that you do.  Live it, and you bring it closer and closer in every moment!  Be the Light, be the Golden Age, and so it shall be that much sooner!!!
“We know that we’ve been talking about NESARA’s Announcement for some time.  We want to remind you who’s in charge of making that Announcement from among the humans – the human in charge is President Obama.  He will not make the Announcement until we have everything – every potential and possible detail that could come up – accounted for, and there has to be absolute security.  But we’re real close, you can put it over the top with your energies, with your LoveLight and with the aid of the other Lightworkers, Worldwide!!!  Call upon them when you do your meditative Exercises, invite the other Lightworkers to join with you, put out the call – it’s a telepathic call but it is powerful!
“Remember, that you are one of over a billion at this moment, of those who are Radiant Beings shining the Light of Love!!!  Oh, you may have a little slip – a drop-down, or moment of anger or fear, whatever – but for the most part you keep yourselves lit up! That is huge!!!  The numbers are there, it is just simply a few last details to accomplish, and we’re on it!  So long as we have your support and your encouragement – that comes from Courage – be Courageous Lightworkers and shine forth your Lights and then go into physical expressions from that High Perspective and so it shall be done!!!
“Once the Golden Age is officially anchored everywhere on Planet Earth – that’s it!!!  There’s no going backward or downward. Where you will go from there is up into Ascension.  So remember that there isn’t anyone here in this Family audience who is not scheduled for Ascension – only you can cancel that!  If you decide you are going to leave your body – all well and good, you’re gong to get there anyway.  You’ll just be part of the welcoming committee, and the rest of you can have a grand reunion when you arrive in your crystal bodies, which is the next thing to your Lightbody!
“But for those of you who want to see it through and experience the Golden Age and do all of the wondrous things that you have to do – how about that flying car, that is real, there are many versions of that on other planets, but the Jetson car is about to come into its full glory!  Some of you may have seen a little preview of the one that ran off of the ground in Japan (China) -that’s just a preview.  Put yourselves into that little sports car at night and you’ll fly like Sekhmet does – she prefers the color red  you can have it any color and design it any way that you want.  That is something you can do because that is coming in the Golden Age!!!
“There is a range of potentials and possibilities!  Pick one every night before you go to sleep and put yourselves there – you want to bring it in!  By the way, NESARA is announced already when the Golden Age comes, so any time that you envision the Golden Age, you have already allowed for the Announcement of NESARA and the Announcement of our presence here among you!!!  Those are ‘done deals,’ as you would say, so how about that?!  
“You’re going beyond!  In the meantime, welcome NESARA, welcome us as you do, and let’s get on with it!  Because we’ve got a lot to do in the next phase and we’re only waiting for everything to be accomplished, and for the Lights to be turned up just a wee bit brighter on Planet Earth.
“There you have it!  That’s my report and I want to thank you all and tell you how much we love you – it is beyond all words!!!  We thank you for being here for this, the most exciting, most momentous, most transformational time ever, as you measure time, on Planet Earth!  And so it is, Beloved Family, and so it is. Salut!”
*   Ashtar was “introduced” by his chosen song, Come The New Jerusalem
**  From Tara and Rama’s A&A Report, transcript to be published.  
Link to “borderers” article Here’s What’s Up With The Republicans,
***The transcript of Merlin’s message will be published next.
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, October 22, 2013.
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