Thanks to Donna for this one!-A.M.


ashtarwithufosI am Ashtar. I have only been through this one, one time previously but it is time now to lend my …energy through this one to many that would be hearing and reading these words. For the time has come now, a time to prepare for all that you have been waiting for. For very soon, very shortly many would call it imminently now, there are those changes that are coming that have been prophesized for many eons of time. Those changes are in the works now. They have been building and building to this moment, to these very times that are approaching where the lid, you might say, is going to be taken off the can, in terms of the truths coming out. Many truths will be revealed and many of those domino effects that have been spoken of are going to be beginning now.

And as these dominos begin to fall you will begin to be enlightened in many ways that you have not even imagined yet. And each time those dominoes fall, another truth will come out. And you will be prepared for the time coming in the not too far off future as has been spoken of through other sources now, speaking in terms of nine months, in terms of September of this year there will be those who are prepared to move into that higher frequency vibration en mass, as a world, as a planet. And those times are very soon approaching and these times now that you are in and this month that you are in now, March, so March, 2013 is a time now of energetic preparing for all that is coming and once this starts it will be one thing right after another. There will be seemingly no stopping. You will be on your internet and you will see something new, not just each and every day, but every moment practically and it will come as a rush. It will be so fast and furious it will take you in many ways by surprise.

And this is what is coming and it is time now that the moment, the call has come from that which would be heaven and it is very soon now to begin, very momentarily now, that all those things are going to have their beginning. This was the message we wish to give. Be prepared, all my brothers and my sisters for all that you came here to do because your mission, the need for what you bring to the table you might say, is about to begin. So be ready for this. I will leave you now. My peace and love be with all of you as you continue to prepare and move to understand and know who you truly are.