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The Astrology of December 2013 – A Threshold November Recap

November’s total solar eclipse marked a turning point in the transformation supported by the persistent Star Tetrahedron.
November’s energy triggered impatience with senseless, needless injustice. This energy was widely dispersed, rather than concentrated, motivating and empowering the many, working against abuse of these energies by the few. As a result of the eclipses in October and November, events were weighted in favor of justice, common sense and common decency, especially in economic areas.
A desire for justice did indeed appear to be present in November. JP Morgan Chase, one of the largest banks in the world, was fined $13 billion dollars by the US Department of Justice for a range of misdeeds.
Coincidentally, JP Morgan Chase scheduled a Q&A with one of their top executives on Twitter. Below are two representative tweets:
  • “I have Mortgage Fraud, Market Manipulation, Credit Card Abuse, Libor Rigging and Predatory Lending, am I diversified?”
  • “What section of the poor & disenfranchised have you yet to exploit for profit, & how are you working to address that?”
Needless to say, the Q&A was canceled.
Close to the same time, the US Senate approved Janet Yellen’s appointment as the next Fed Chairperson. The highly qualified Ms. Yellen has already signaled her intention to aggressively investigate and regulate the major banks.
December’s Chart – Reconciliation
December’s chart works even more strongly and on a more practical level in favor of reform and uplift. And once again, the energies are dispersed, working against the abuse more concentrated, localized energies might allow.
The world has endured an era of intense polarization. Public life has become trench warfare. The 1% are dug in against the 99%; the right wing is dug in against the left wing. And so on. Irrationality, fanaticism and rigid, divisive ideology have dominated to dominate public debate.
But we appear to be moving out of this era of strong astrological headwinds – moving forward against strong winds – into an era of astrological tailwinds – moving forward with the astrological winds at our backs.
December also carries forward the karmic account settling of recent eclipses. Its energies are also carried forward into the new year by the power of the Winter Solstice.
Soul Searching, Reason and Reconciliation
December’s chart will jump start a dual process of soul searching and reconciliation. It will also strengthen the influence of reason and common sense in our discussions.
This process will be at work around the globe and at all levels. Events will stimulate our conscience and, at the same time, by one means and another, coax us all into dialogue, often in spite of ourselves.
It appears to be happening already. In November, the US Senate limited use of the filibuster – the rule that allowed opponents to summarily block virtually any legislative issue regardless of its merits or popular support.
Without the filibuster, US Senators can no longer rely on secretive, unilateral action to impose their will, in defiance of the evidence and the opinion of the electorate. Rivals and opponents will actually have to negotiate and compromise with each other to maintain their influence.
Look More Closely
The dense, worrisome looking matrix of aspects in December’s chart include a double T-Square – a hard six-pointed star that probably functions like a super Grand Cross. It also includes a Kite and a Mystic Rectangle that combines in an even more complex, but essentially positive structure.
December’s Kite, Etc.,
December’s matrix of worrisome looking aspects resolve into a highly transformative and unusually constructive, supportive structure.
December’s Kite includes Saturn and the North Node, the Moon, Chiron, and Jupiter retrograde conjunct Lilith.
This Kite will help liberate the ego from rigid, stubbornly rooted ideas and attitudes, and rigid ideologies.
There Will Be Dialogue
The Moon, Lilith conjunct Jupiter, Chiron and Pluto make up a Mystic Rectangle. It encompasses both the power axis (4th to 10th houses) and the financial axis of the chart (2nd to 8th houses).
This Mystic Rectangle supports dialogue between the grassroots and financial and governmental leaders. People at all levels of society, in all walks of life, on all sides of these many, sharply contested, difficult issues, will suddenly find themselves seeking common ground or suddenly standing on common ground they didn’t realize was there.
The Structure of Reconciliation
The Mystic Rectangle blends into the Kite, creating a larger structure. Saturn and the North Node are at the apex of an embedded Grand Trine.
Combined, the Mystic Rectangle and the Kite, with its built in Grand Trine, strongly support dialogue and reconciliation based on conscience, common sense and common decency. Hence, as noted, this large reconciliation structure sets up mutual soul-searching and intensive dialogue.
The lines of this reconciling structure converge on Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio in the 12th house.
This loose conjunction combines spiritual, religious (12th house) and moral considerations (the North Node) with very concrete and practical political and economic considerations (Scorpio). Finally, the North Node determines what the universe will support and what it will not; karmic and dharmic processes will enter the picture.
Ultimately, this structure will support reconciliation and consensus building, based on sound moral, political and economic principles. It will tend to undermine, even sabotage, flawed reconciliation efforts based only on ideology, flawed reasoning or morally questionable ideas.
In my experience, unusually complex supportive structures often bring transformative revelations and important learning experiences while they bring us closer to our goals. 

The Hard Parts
Two T-Squares form a hard 6-pointed star which functions like an especially stubborn Grand Cross.
T-Square #1: Moon opposes Chiron, both square the Sun.The ego finds it very difficult to release old attitudes and values or to resolve the conflict between its attitudes and the realities that confront it. We tend to see our options in very stark, unappealing confrontational terms.
This is the kind of aspect that foregrounds brittle, dogmatic thinking. It locks us into the box we have created for ourselves from flawed and rigid attitudes.
T-Square #2: Mars opposes Uranus; both square Pluto. Individuals and authority figures tend to clash, unable to resolve their differences.
This configuration foregrounds the extreme tensions that separate labor from management, the 1% from the 99%, the political right from the political left, and so on. It locks us into the cage we have created with our narrowly and rigidly defined self-interest.
Taken in isolation, these longstanding divisions will look as hopeless as they ever have. However, both of these T-Squares – the entire hard 6-pointed star – is solidly linked to the more constructive reconciling structure.
So however stubborn-seeming the conflicts, however irresolvable the confrontations appear, in reality, they will be moving toward resolution. The mental and emotional, political and economic foundations of our conflicts will be dissolving.
The reconciliation structure will tend to draw people away from the extremes toward the center. As a result of deep, complex interior processes, people will slowly and quietly adjust and adapt their views. Events and circumstances will make extreme positions untenable and more moderate positions more attractive, their wisdom more apparent.
Voters and officials will work toward a new consensus that can carry us beyond the long-standing deadlock.
Reason and Conscience Get the Last Word
The lines of the reconciliation structure converge on Saturn and the North Node in Scorpio in the 12th house.
The Saturn/North Node energy strongly encourages individuals to bring their views into line with reason and morality. The 12th house energy will compel them to align their thoughts and actions with their spirituality.
We will begin demanding with ever louder voices that we be governed the same way.
This isn’t only about December. The recent eclipses will carry the karmic accounting into 2014 and continue to favor the wise and the just. The power of the Winter Solstice will power the reconciliation process well into 2014.
The rooting out of irrationality and prejudice can be exceedingly disruptive, even when it is brought about from within. You should expect erratic, destructive behavior from those who rely heavily on dogma, ideology and  prejudice to get through life. They will feel threatened and alienated by December’s vibes.
There will be a roar of protest from such people and headlines will fill with freakish, destructive behavior. News of such might drown out but will not negate news of more constructive, progressive developments.
With this difference. In recent years, under different astrological circumstances, that are now passing out, such impaired personalities have dominated the public’s attention and enjoyed unusual power and influence. The astrological energies now coming in will work to shift attention to more reasonable voices and seriously curtail the power and influence of the irrational and extreme among us.