What a time we are in, eh?!  The two week period we are in (beginning with the lunar eclipse  Thursday, April 25) is emotionally charged leading toward emotional liberation!  That is after the Solar Eclipse tomorrow and Mars conjunct the South Node Sunday (don’t get too pissed off!).  Let’s remember that eclipses are known for bringing in UNEXPECTED events and surprises that are real waker-uppers.  These often come through friends, groups, or communities that you are involved with (all the way up to nations/planet).

Sayings like slow and steady come to mind here with Taurus the Bull.  It really is time to get down to the basics, get rid of the old (emotional patterns included) to make room for the new.  Downsizing without remorse, shame, or shutting down will give you more room and energy to take full advantage of the NEW reality NOW breaking forth!

We are the Tree, and Life is the farmer pruning us for a more abundant future!  Be Pruned – haha!My response to Life will show,
What emotions need to go,
So on my path the Light will shine,
The fear of failure no longer mine!

Prepare for the UNEXPECTED! Wow, there is always so much more I wanted to say! The main thing would be not to take the last two weeks too seriously. Our experiences have been designed to bring up the old emotional patterns and responses so we could see them and let them go. It’s not REAL in the real sense of the word haha! But now that you have seen the “enemy” (as in old patterns) – poof! let ‘em go! One last note is that I often write much more in my weekly newsletter (only once a week) that you can sign up for on my website if you want the Pele Report delivered to your inbox…..…. Aloha!