Love Has Won

By Ann Kreilkamp

Believe it or not, I just spent over an hour trying to figure out what times I should use for the start of the Trump/Pluto Summit meeting and the Press Conference afterwards. Had to figure seven hour time change in the mix as well. I’ll spare you the details of the clues I used, and just say that I set the initial meeting chart for 2:20 PM Helsinki (7:20 AM EDT).

I then set the chart for when the Press Conference began, approximately four hours later, after their two hour private meeting and working lunch with aides:

Notice, for this chart, I used a 29°57 Scorpio Ascendant. Had the press conference begun a few minutes later, it would have had a 0°00 Sagittarian Ascendant. Which is correct? I don’t know. All I knew is guards ‘threw out’ a journalist from The Nation who was holding a “malignant” sign, “NUCLEAR WEAPONS TEST BAN TREATY” at approximately 6:08 pm, right before the press conference began.

I’ll stick with the Scorpio Ascendant, and recognize that both Scorpio and Sagittarius are in play here, that we are segueing back and forth between power politics (Scorpio) and expanding our world view (Sagittarius).

Both Putin and Trump obviously want the latter; they are both also involved in power politics, can’t help but be, given those who surround them and the games they have to play to “stay in power.”. However, I’m now convinced that both men play 4D chess. Here in the U.S., where the economy has been thoroughly militarized, it’s obvious that the Military Industrial Complex (the MIC)  wants war, always wants war, or at least the threat of war, to sell more weapons,  traffick more refugees, destabilize more countries for corporate takeover, and of course, amass more and more fiat money for the 0.001%.

Trump famously said today that it’s the U.S.’s fault that relations with Russia have gotten so bad. Which of course, meant that both the Democrats and Republicans are now calling him out for treason.

Trump and Putin are both highly aware of the fact that, between them, their militaries own most of the nuclear weaponry in the world, and because of that, bear a special responsibility. That journalist with the sign: who knows? Maybe Trump and Putin  planted him there! In any case, being kicked out of the conference gave his message more publicity than he could have ever gotten otherwise.

This day is a good one for Trump, with the Sun itself illuminating his Venus/Saturn conjunction in Cancer, where he holds a tremendous sense of responsibility — and, I would suggest, not just for his family, or the U.S. family, but for the world family.

This day is a fortunate one for Putin as well. The 21° Libra Ascendant of the first chart sits exactly on Putin’s idealistic Mercury/Neptune.

Whatever anybody thinks about famously poker-faced Putin (his Ascendant is Scorpio, yes, so he does not show what he feels; he feels too deeply to trust the world’s response to his feelings) as “former KGB,” I’ve held all along that, with four planets in Libra, Putin is a serious diplomat (Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra), naturally attuned to seeking peace and harmony. Furthermore, he negotiates behind the scenes (Libra planets in 12th house) as much as possible.

But the clearest, and richest indication of the meaning of this summit comes for me when we look at the composite chart for the two men:

Note lots of Libra in this chart as well. However, the most significant configuration for me is the Sun/Pluto conjunction at 16°-18° Leo, exactly conjunct 18° Leo Mercury in this first official summit chart.

In other words, when the Plutonian energies of these two powerful men blend, they become an even more powerful force (Sun/Pluto), which, I have a feeling was exactly what they both recognied and intended as they sat and talked (Mercury) for those two hours alone, in person, on this fateful day.

This post is not meant to be anything but a series of impressions gathered from the Trump/Putin meeting today. For an analysis of each of their natal charts, see other posts on this blog.

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Nor have I “compared” their individual charts here, or elsewhere. Need to do that. But for now, I just leave you with impressions.


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