September 30, 2013
in Planet Earth Anthony Bragalia –
Roswell UFO CrashThe UFO Iconoclast(s) In the past few months rumors have swirled that members of the Roswell investigation team (this author included) had become aware of two photographic slides depicting an alien humanoid creature: This is true, and it is equally true that they may represent the first genuine physical evidence in support of the reality of a crash of a extraterrestrial beings near Roswell, NM over six decades ago. The stunning, historic photographs have been confirmed to have been imaged on two Kodachrome slides dating from the year 1947, the year of the UFO crash. There is no indication of retouching, digital enhancement or other photographic hoax technique. They are clear, in color, up close, and taken from two separate angles. These slides were found hidden in an attic in a chest having belonged to a deceased couple. This author made the incredible discovery that the husband was a very prominent petroleum geologist who conducted oil exploration expeditions in the 1940s in West TX and in New Mexico. This area also encompassed the Permian Basin, a region that includes Roswell, NM. Rather than depicting the popular culture image of aliens in the 1940s, they show the image of a small humanoid alien, like those aliens described by witnesses to Roswell. Other photos found in the chest (separate from the two humanoid slides) depict General Eisenhower in 1947 and with the couple at meetings and parties with what appear to be very well-placed people. There is much more of this tale to tell What is Not True No crash debris or the craft itself are shown, this is pure fiction. No member of the team owns, manages or controls the evidence in any way, and therefore has not made any media inquiries as rumored and makes no decisions on what is done or not done with such evidence. We do not in any way represent or speak for the owner of the evidence. We were only assisting him. Leaks and What went Wrong There was most certainly a leak in the investigation. Some people became aware of some of the elements of the story…and what some did with this is truly shameful. And others were reduced to name-calling in efforts to get us to talk. I even received strange phone calls in the middle of the night demanding disclosure! People actually tried to extort information on this. It is clear that there are many who were simply jealous of our efforts and dislike the idea of a team. They took a perverse pleasure in deliberately disrupting our continuing investigation. They do not see that they have caused tremendous harm to the pursuit of truth. Why did they not wait until we had the time to understand more about the slide’s origin, provenance and chain-of-custody? And just why are we under any obligation to apprise strangers of things that we ourselves are still learning about? Why was it so urgent for them to not first let us try to answer the many “who, what, where, whens , whys and hows” about these images that still remain before blabbering their mouths? If we did not have these answers at the ready when the evidence was presented, we would be taken to task for not having those answers. We are damned if we do not pre-maturely release the information- and we would be damned if we did.

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