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Author: Pam Lemieux

Testimonial- ‘You are an impressive and highly-skilled healer.’ from Beatrice

Dear Jeff, I would like to begin this after-treatment report with the acknowledgement that my two healing sessions with you gave me the confidence, and hope that my health situation can be successfully addressed. You are an impressive and highly-skilled healer. I deeply wish that you succeed in your efforts to help me as this will benefit friends and family members through referral. You are right that my situation is quite unusual, and I apologize beforehand that it seems to demand more time than probably anticipated. I am very sorry about that. I appreciate your team at the Galactic...

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Testimonial- ‘The GES fixed that ‘ from Laura

I have been on the GES for a month or more and have noticed many improvements. Something had snapped or pulled in my left knee and did not seem to heal with my healing skills. The GES fixed that within the first couple of weeks. My right heel has been in pain off and on for years and that seems to be taken care of. I have had a burning sensation between my heart and throat for years without being able to find anything physical, so probably past life stuff. That has gone away. My right hip has been...

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South Carolina Woman Arrested for Refusing Smart Meter (Let this go viral!)

Bluffton, South Carolina, February 19, 2018 A Sheriff arrested and jailed a woman after she had a smart meter on her home changed to an analog meter due to health issues from the radiation. The arrest warrant for Elizabeth Michelle Mancini states that Palmetto Electric Cooperative, Inc., did not approve the meter, and could not read it. Ms. Mancini, a Technical Writer with no criminal record, stated, “Palmetto did not, and could not rebut my affidavit of claims related to their having put an unsafe and invasive meter on my home. I didn’t violate any law because I was simply...

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South Africa votes to seize land from white farmers without compensation

South Africa‘s parliament has passed a motion to seize land from white farmers without paying them compensation. Passed by an overwhelming majority of 241 votes to 83 votes against, the proposal to amend Section 25 of the constitution would allow expropriation of land without any financial recompense. It was put forward by the radical left Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) party, whose leader Julius Malema told the country’s parliament: “We must ensure that we restore the dignity of our people without compensating the criminals who stole our land.” Read more here:...

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Amazon charged with 4,000 counts of selling illegal pesticides, founded by Jeff Bezos — the current owner of the Washington Post — has been caught committing nearly 4,000 counts of selling illegal pesticides. The EPA spearheaded the investigation that revealed Amazon to be profiting from the sales of toxic, deadly substances that directly threaten the health of children. No criminal charges have yet been filed against the poison-pushing e-commerce giant, but Amazon was forced to pay $1.2 million to the EPA as part of the settlement (see below)....

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A list of the Deep Underground Military Bases or D.U.M.Bs

“Where have they applied the multi-billions of dollars? Moral, honest, forth-right, dependable, mentally strong, intelligent, creative, inventive, analytical, politically savvy and helpful, would be the terms we wish our leaders all fit into. After 50 years of deceptive self -serving fraudulent liars, all in the leadership roles, very few of our leaders would fit under any of those banners. When they take office, they are instructed that if they play along they can survive in office. However, if they resist or become too open and honest with the public, they will not survive the office. If they get too...

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Testimonial- ‘I love your oils’ from Paula

Thank you for all the work you do, Alexandra. I love your oils. I bought a couple last Fall; Deprogramming and Harmonizer….I put the Deprogramming on every night before bed and it has helped me feel safe as my awareness expands and residue from life releases. I wear the Harmonizer when I go out. Looking forward to trying ‘Joy’  ‘Focus on your Homecoming’ and the ‘restful sleep’ blend. Love,...

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