Bear with me because this is a fairly long story, but probably one of your most important reads, so here it goes….

Back in May of 2013, I met an exceptional woman through my CE-5 group who willingly offered her healing services to my husband and me. I am selective in who I will have work on me for a variety of reasons, so I really had to get to know her a bit better to see if we resonated. Well our connection was simply uncanny, so much so that we knew we were off world family, and I mean truly. We didn’t even have to express it, because it was just a natural unfolding between the three of us….every goal, every gleam, and every intention we had meshed with hers like a tapestry. If there is such a thing as beyond synchronicity, this was it.

I am talking about Reverend Pamela….I just call her Pam.

Prior to meeting Pam, Steve and I had investigated alien implant removal and were really feeling like this was something we had not undertaken fully. In fact, we had an experience where someone who claimed they had removed an implant from us, had actually added an implant instead. So because of this event, we were leery to trust just anyone. We had also heard through the grapevine how major the extraction can be for the body, both physically, emotionally, and mentally. In everything we read or tapped into, this was no casual undertaking. We are talking serious business folks.

I found out the hard way that implants are one of THE MOST MAJOR impediments holding us back, this being especially recognized by those who are doing the work. Due to a very heartfelt conversation with Pam one day, she was able to “see an extraction process that blew her mind” and has ended up benefiting everyone in the process. It was a Gift From Spirit! Thanks to her 35 plus years of healing, remote viewing, and regular CE-5 contact, Pam had an innate ability to get the job done and attain an extraction of implants on all levels, all the way to infinity.

She worked on my husband Steven for over two hours and me about the same, unwilling to miss any components or associated debris from these implants. When I woke up the next morning, I just knew something had been “eliminated” and the realizations were profound and ANCIENT….it was similar to when my father died – like a stream of pictures running across my 3rd eye of times gone by.

Due to a massive yearning to serve and prepare The Healers, Volunteers, Truth-Seekers, and Guardians of our community, Galactic Connection has developed quite a reputation for providing a successful, all-encompassing approach to The Implant Removal, Soul Alignment, and DNA Activation Processes! In fact, the popularity of this process has required the need to bring on additional master healer(s).  Also, Rev. Pam Plauché

passed away on September 11, 2014 while I was en route to South Africa in order to perform some very serious planetary work.  I recorded this radio show to review Pam’s passing, introduce Jerry Yusko (again), and provide more details of what the oils and essences provide and how I created them with Divine Guidance.  I have found out since then that Jerry was being prepared for this without our realization, recognizing Pam’s involvement with Galactic Connection is even more so behind the scenes then ever before.  She communicates with all of us regularly!

Jerry Yusko and I met at a UFO conference found out that a couple of years ago and I knew that we were destined to work together some day in the future. He immediately revealed to me his gentle, genuine love for others and willingness to serve. His healings were indescribably profound, always leaving me with

complex realizations and new perceptions of what seemed to be insurmountable tasks. With a background as a contactee, remote viewer, medical intuitive, and healer for more than 50+ years, Jerry’s communications with our Star Brothers and Sisters have truly enhanced his knowledge and expertise regarding the human body. He is a natural addition to our healing team with his life-changing techniques! Because of his out-of-this-world knowledge and wisdom, I have interviewed him several times.
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