bix weirMany people have commented on the wild action in the price of Bitcoin as it rose to over $1,100 in China only to crash down in a matter of moments to near $500. It’s all part of the game. Although I recently said that Bitcoin was an un-manipulated alternative to the fiat monetary system I am convinced now that Bitcoin is manipulated by the Banking Cabal. I came to this conclusion after the surprising conclusions reached in the US Senate hearing:
Bitcoin hits $700 After a Surprisingly Friendly Senate Hearing on the Virtual Currency

“Bitcoin, the decentralized virtual currency that approximates cash on the internet, had a big day today. The four-year-old currency had its first hearing in Congress as experts from the government, the Bitcoin community, and the nonprofit sector appeared to discuss the implications of the growing popularity of virtual currencies. And while that testimony took place, a single Bitcoin soared to $700 on the market at the tail of a two-week climb.”

“Virtual currencies, perhaps most notably Bitcoin, have captured the imagination of some, struck fear among others, and confused the heck out of many of us,” Sen. Tom Carper (D-DE), chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, told a packed room.”
“While the hearing was frontloaded with discussion of the potential for virtual currencies to be used for crime, there was no sense of alarm about the strange new world of Bitcoin. The government’s representatives seemed confident that they have the tools to monitor and contain crime even when facilitated by Bitcoin or another virtual currency, citing the busts of eGold, Liberty Reserve, and the Silk Road”
Yes, the Banksters have computers that can rig even the Bitcoin markets! Don’t get me wrong, I think Bitcoin will rise to tens of thousands of dollars in the near future but it won’t be a smooth ride. The moment the Senate meeting concluded Bitcoin shot up and then was slammed down by some unexplainable force. We’ve seen this a million times in SILVER! This force was claimed to be just an over reaction by “speculators” on the previous rise but I don’t buy that argument. This was a planned and executed attack on the Bitcoin price by the Banking Cabal in order to shake out the weak hands. Most likely, the US Treasury used some of their 174,336 Bitcoins seized from the Silk Road raid and others to slam the market and clog the Bitcoin trading systems…thus the crash.
But after every smash Bitcoin will become more and more “anti-fragile” so if you have a couple coins just hang on tight.
Of course, in the end it will all come back to physical silver as the US Government and the Banking Cabal turn against Bitcoin. But for now I’ll keep playing their game with my two coins buying more on the dips and holding on the spikes (I can never bring myself to sell on spiking prices of anything that is manipulated…I’d make a lousy trader:)
*Just a note on the significance of FRIDAY November 22, 2013. It was 50 years ago Friday that the Bad Guys took out John F. Kennedy due in part to his attempt to take down the Banking Cabal by issuing Silver Backed US Dollars.
His murder was only 5 months after he signed Executive Order 11110…
John F. Kennedy: Executive Order 11110
There are many Good Guys who STILL want their pound of flesh from the Banking Cabal for their attack on our President. 50 Years is a long time to wait but it sure feels like something is about to happen…maybe a little symbolic payback?!
So keep an eye out for “Silver Fireworks” on Friday.
Of course – this is just a hunch 🙂
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir