I wasn’t expecting this one…
bix weirBart Chilton Submits Resignation to President
What does it all mean?…it’s anybody’s guess. Those who think Bart was a true patriot fighting for the little guy will be saddened and those who think Bart was a bought and paid for shill for the banks implanted to provide cover…should be shaking in their boots!
Why? Because this may be signaling something more ominous coming down the line. 
I will analyze this more in this weeks Friday Road Trip but for now let’s all wave goodbye to someone who risked a lot to voice his opinion on the obvious gold/silver market rigging.
Bravo Bart and welcome back to reality and come fight for OUR cause! (….or best of luck getting a high paid job as a Bankster Lobbyist!)
I guess we’ll know where he stood when he lands his next job 🙂
May the Road BART chooses be the Right Road.
Bix Weir