This story illustrates how the mass media fabricates the news. It happened in May of 2012. Were you aware?

How many times do we have to witness this, folks, yet still turn to them for the truth of what is happening on this planet? It’s a growing trend.

On September 11, 2001 the BBC showed the image of Building 7 at the World Trade Centre standing tall and true behind the news caster (another oooops!) while she told us it had collapsed… a full 20 minutes BEFORE it actually did. If that isn’t fore-knowledge, I don’t know what is, and it proves the media is complicit in misinforming and manipulating the public.

The BBC also showed the photo below, taken in Iraq in 2003—NINE YEARS PRIOR—and reported that it was taken in Syria in May 2012—with the convenient disclaimer “which cannot be independently verified”—as if that makes it all right.

It’s their JOB to verify everything before publishing it. It’s what the media is supposed to do! They get their mandate from the public and their news from the Internet? Where Joe Blow terrorist (the kind that works for the government) can post anything they like? And if it goes viral then it’s newsworthy?

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