UFNchemtrailssuncartoonAlso on the Nesara news site this was written about our beloved Dr. Ilya Perlingieri
I talked with Dr. Perlingieri two weeks before her passing; she was then gravely ill. When I offered to help assemble a construction crew to help finish the humble hut being built on her land in the mountains to house her, she told me to hold off.  This was even though she — a soul of her magnitude at age 74 — was essentially homeless in our sick society.  Now I understand why she did so; she may at that time have had some unspoken intimations of her own imminent mortality. 
Her last words to me were, that anyone of good will who sought to help the earth and her people were welcome on her land to help build a prototype community during the Earth’s transition period.  She said that this included the positive galactic forces, who were welcome to land there as well. 
Dr. Perlingieri was a targeted individual, with several attempts on her life by the globalist cabal that I personally know of, using environmental toxins directly delivered from the air.  Her life was spared on all of these occasions, but it was her constant general exposure to these airborne toxins that eventually resulted in her untimely death from apparent heart-lung failure. 
The link below includes a link to a video of Dr. Perlingieri’s opening keynote address at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails Conference in August 2012, which will give anyone interested enough to watch it a glimpse of why she was universally beloved and respected by all those who, like she did, have dedicated their lives to the preservation of personal and environmental integrity on earth.  — REC