According to British Intelligence sources, the recent killing in France of Saad Al-hilli and his family was carried out because his company manufactured equipment capable of detecting nuclear weapons from the air. It was his equipment that allowed for the detection and prevention of the recently planned nuclear terror attack on the London Olympics. He was killed in order to pave the way for future nuclear terror attacks by the fascist P2 Freemason lodge that is seeking to create mayhem before offering a fascist solution to the problem they created.

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Hello Gail,

The Knights of Malta are not all part of this and I never meant to imply that a great man like Mandela was part of the Nazi cabal. I also understand that Freemason lodges come in many varieties and they are often opposed to each other. The Scottish Rite Freemasons are in opposition to the Monte Carlo P2 freemason lodge. The Grande Lodge De L’Orient or the franco-freemasonry are also a separate group.

The problem as I see it is that the Catholic Church is a schizophrenic organization. There are the good Catholics and Catholic charities that help the poor and the needy. Then there are the military wings of the Catholic church who want a fascist world government and believe the means justify the end.

The murder of the US ambassador in Libya, the staged flag raising at the US embassy in Egypt etc. are all fake incidents being run by the Nazi New World Order faction who are trying to provoke Christians and Muslims into fighting each-other before merging them into one group and using them to invade Asia and set up a world fascist government. It is their problem/reaction/solution formula that they have used time and time again. We are demanding that they cease and desist such anti-social and evil behaviour and allow the world peace we all strongly desire.

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