Posted by UnSlaveMe on December 17, 2013 at 3:58pm in Editorials, Commentaries, Blog


The American Civil Liberties Union is imploring people to stand up for their digital privacy this holiday season, and is doing so with a humorous YouTube video that has Santa Claus poking fun at the National Security Agency.

“The NSA is Coming to Town” is the name of the two-minute long ACLU clip, and in it the organization parodies the classic Christmas tune in order to call attention to the United States spy agency’s unchecked surveillance programs — the likes of which have garnered international attention since former contractor Edward Snowden began leaking top-secret government documents earlier this year.

Notwithstanding that opposition, however, efforts by Congress and advocacy groups alike to reign in the NSA have proven to be futile in the six-months since the first Snowden leaks appeared. The ACLU is now circulating a seasonal spoof aimed at the intelligence agency, and is hoping it will help draw viewers to a website where they can petition Congress to abolish the NSA’s surveillance programs.

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