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Is this just a coincidence, or are the globalists planning the reset on October 10th? Here’s a compelling argument that the reset is less than 20 days away…

submitted by G. John Wenkman

This is an update to my August 12 post on Silverdoctors titled: “Beware August 15th”, wherein I stated that the Rothschild-owned ‘Economist’ magazine issue of January, 1988 gave us a thirty-year advanced notice as to their planned currency RESET. They made it quite clear in their cover illustration with their Freemasonic Phoenix rising from the burning pyre of paper-fiat currencies, with a gold coin hanging around its neck, stamped 2018, with the bold cover-title – “Get ready for a world currency” that we should prepare.

I suggested in my August 12th article that if “2018” is their chosen year for the RESET that there were three possible dates, yet in 2018, for the RESET to occur; those being August 15th, October 10th, and November 11th.  August 15th has come and gone, which leaves now October 10th and November 11th. For reasons mentioned in my prior article August 15th is a very important date to the “Victors” that “run the world”. Let’s review if anything of importance happened this August 15th. By reviewing the two charts below you’ll see that the U.S. Dollar abruptly peaked at 96.98, on that exact date, while Gold abruptly bottomed at $1160.73 at 8:00pm, on that exact date. Given the importance of that date to the “Victors” I believe this date was chosen to be their important turning points in these two-highly manipulated markets.

For those who have not read my prior “Beware August 15th” article, I stated that October 10th is another date that the “GREAT RESET” may occur because on this Economist magazine cover of January 1988 the gold coin hanging from the Freemasonic Phoenix’s neck is stamped – “TEN, 10, 2018” which would lead us to believe their chosen date for their new “world currency”, RESET, would occur on October 10, 2018. Has anything changed since my prior article to point to this date as being more or less likely to be of importance? Maybe. Some people find it rather strange that all of us in the United States in possession of a cell phone are going to be getting a call from President Trump on our cell phones. This nationwide FEMA public emergence broadcast via cell phones was supposed to occur on September 20th, but for some reason that date has been changed to October 3rd. This date is exactly seven days before the October 10th date. Seven (7) is a very important number to the “Victors” who rely heavily on numerology, the Kabbalah, and Gematria for their planned events, and if you think otherwise, I encourage you to Google – ‘Christina Lagarde’s speech of January 15, 2014’ on the occult meaning of their “magic number 7”. So watch for October 10th and any important clues before this date for the coming GREAT RESET.

The last date that I gave in my prior article for the RESET to occur on was November 11th, which happens to be the 100th anniversary date of the end of World War I. As I had mentioned, the Great War ended exactly on November, 11th at 11am (1918) because to the Freemasons – 11 + 11 + 11 = 33 which is their top degree (33rd) in their secret society organization.  This year is especially important to them because this centennial event happens on 11 – 11 – 2018, which in their numerology is 11 + 11 + 11 = 33.  President had planned on a huge military parade and ceremony for this event in Freemasonic – Washington D.C. , as stated in my previous article, but has since cancelled it. He claims now that he will go to Paris instead for their huge planned event to commemorate this centennial affair. Paris is  the Freemasonic heart of Europe, ever since their planned French Revolution of 1789. So watch for November 11th and any important clues before this date for the coming GREAT RESET. Oh yes, I think I had also mentioned that it just so happens that there are 33 days between October 10th and November 11th.


Thanks for reading,

G. John Wenkman