QAnon Project Looking Glass It all makes sense!

Nov 11, 2019


FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER: Did The Q Team Contact Him? Sure Sounds Like It Here!! You can watch the rest of the interview here: i just trimmed it down to get to the part it explains everything QAnon has been pointing us to. Literally they cant stop what is coming. its impossible!!! The Awakening!!

Did the Q Team reach out to Bill Wood? Sure does sound like it!

Nov 17, 2019

Please Follow Me on Twitter: What do you think? Sounds an awful lot like the Q Team (QAnon) he is describing, who reached out to him? Would have been Prior to 2012 when this interview was done. This just keeps getting better and better!! THE GREAT AWAKENING! Project Looking Glass! Future Proves Past WWG1WGA! QAnon This interview was done by “Project Camelot” and the full interview can be found here:… I recommend Checking them out they do great work!