Laura Legere 2

Laura Legere’s gift is Remote Pattern Clearing and can help clear your physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, etheric and soul bodies of emotional imbalances, negative thought forms, old stuck behaviors, intrusion, entities, cords, outdated contracts and vows, other’s stuff, trauma, negative aspects of all past lives and much more. There is no need to be physically present, she checks and clears you everyday for approximately two months. She works with her higher self and your higher self and is not allowed to interfere with your life lessons.

Laura is a Conspiracy Optimist and author of It’s Not Weird Anymore: An Extraordinary True Tale, winner of the 2011 Readers Favorite Award. Since 1993 she has been a massage therapist and an educator and instructor in essential oils for health, healing, emotional release and nutrition. In addition Laura is studying common law while she inspires others to join and become empowered with knowledge and skills to fight the good fight.

Details of her services are here: & 206-765-8996 &