Michael EllegionMichael Ellegion is an author, UFO researcher, Contactee, and Channel for Higher Extraterrestrial Intelligence. He has a very unique galactic perspective, which he shares in his book, Prepare For The Landings!…Are YOU Ready? When he was a young child, his father, a stage hypnotist, trained him as a channel through the Edgar Cayce Method of channeling. In 1979 the cabal actually killed him and his body was beamed aboard a Galactic Federation Lightship and the Elohim light beings brought life back into his body and told him he had to go back to earth and finish his mission. They cosmically activated and altered his DNA/RNA for him to do Transformational Channeled Readings for fellow Light Workers and Star People. You can check out the complete List of NASA Star People Characteristics at MichaelEllegion.com and see how many of these traits you happen to have.