Added by Matthew Warburton on March 26, 2014.

bitcoin alternative aurora coin airdropped to IcelandThe world of alternative currency became even more interesting today, as Iceland became the first nation ever to be “airdropped” a cryptocurrency; $121 million worth of bitcoin alternative Aurora coin. The drop occurred at midnight March 25, when every citizen in Iceland was given 30 Aurora coins each, currently valued at a total of over $300 a person.

Citizens of Iceland can claim their coins by visiting the Aurora coin website and entering their ID numbers. The website shows that so far over 280,000 of the 10.5 million coins have been claimed, representing only 2.68 percent of the population. The airdrop occurred only a sort time ago, there is still plenty of time for the many Icelanders to claim their aurora coin. Citizens have four months to make the claim.

Aurora coin began in February, with one major difference to bitcoin; Aurora was extensively pre-mined, with 10 million coins created before the coin went public. It is now the fourth most valuable coin, at around $11.50. Furthermore, it experienced a 10 percent increase in value soon after it was airdropped on March 25.

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