This is a very educational show put on by Kim Greenhouse of “It’s Rainmaking Time”. She is one of the very few who eschew the soundbite driven media economy and chooses the long format, deep dive approach. While it may be too long for ADD crowd, it digs deep into a not so simple subject to foster understanding and comprehension. This was a pretty good show with an interesting cast of guests:

Reggie Middleton – brash blogger, entrepenurial investor and founder of UltraCoin ZeroTrust financial contracts
RootEleven founder, visionary, and Bitcoin programmer Andreas Antonopolous, who will explain why Bitcoin is like “the internet for money”.
Bitcoin trader and programmer Dave Scotese will provide deep thinking about what makes Bitcoin so important, and why the public should be involved in its development.
Sam Guzik, one of the most sophisticated and knowledgeable SEC lawyers regarding crowdfunding and investment, will cut through the hype, misinformation, and wrong perceptions surrounding equity crowdfunding to highlight current SEC conditions and real opportunities in the crowdfunding arena.

This show is over an hour and a half long and I don’t want the contet to be avoided simply because of its length, so I have included a hyperlinked menu below to assist in navigating to the topcis of your individual interests.

3:59 – The discussion starts
11:20 – The future of Bitcoin
13:14 – The distributed blockchain
14:15 – Hacking Bitcoin, the $10 billion bounty!
16:15 – Reggie Middleton’s ZeroTrust contracts
21:50 – Winkelvoss bros., Bitcoin ETFs, institutiona investor participation in cryptocurrencies24:13 – The SEC’s potential perspective27:10 – Who is Satoshi Nakamoto and is he really DARPA in disquise?
28:45 – Arbitrage opportunities
30:39 – Does Moore’s Law apply to cryptocurrencies?
31:59 – Privacy vs Anonymity in Bitcoin
36:29 Q&A – How do you get bitcoin and who get’s paid?
39:30 More about ZeroTrust contracts, what happens when contractual conditions are not met?
42:17 – Is Bitcoin really unhackable?
46:33 – How to hack Bitcoin? Well, the US dollar has been hacked several times with bail-ins, QE that turns your money into worthless paper, etc.
48:35 Is Bitcoin a speculative bubble? And a direct challenge to Peter Schiff!!!
53:52 Crowdfunding for equity, how to, why and when?