28 Jan, 2014

btc_burned_at_the_stakeIt sends a chill down your spine when you hear the news that somebody you had just met at a conference a few months ago, a like minded individual representing a global movement you are  in complete alignment with, was just arrested on federal money laundering charges,

The crime? Charlie Shrem, CEO of Bitinstant and Vice Chairman of the Bitcoin Foundation allegedly sold bitcoins to Silk Road users and then they used them to buy illicit drugs.

Follow that? The implication here is that you are now responsible for the second order actions of your own customers.

Could there be a double standard here?

This is in a slightly different realm than fat blobs suing MacDonalds, smokers suing tobacco companies, or even victims of gun violence suing gunmakers – all are civil actions and there at least being a (tenuous) first order line between “because of A, then B”

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