bix weirThe turmoil coming out of Washington is not a folly. It is not a stalemate or due to political divisiveness. It is not even the fault of inept politicians. It is all part of the PLAN on the Road to Roota!!
And soon the TRUTH will be known…
January 2014

CHAIRMAN: Dr. Greenspan, please raise your right hand. Do you promise to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth so help you God?


COMMISSIONER ROOTA: Thank you for testifying. It will be nice to hear the truth come from your lips after all these years, and I’m sure you feel relieved that you will finally be able to speak freely.

GREENSPAN: I have very much looked forward to this.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: I’m going to get right to the guts of this hearing if you don’t mind. Throughout the first part of your life you were the most avid gold bug on the planet but in the early 70’s you sold out to the banking cabal and became gold’s biggest enemy…why did you do it?

GREENSPAN: I didn’t. I have always been a die hard advocate of using gold as money and I continue to be so today.

COMMISSIONER ROOTA: But you worked for the evil Federal Reserve Bank. You were the king of fiat money which is the opposite of gold…the only real money.

GREENSPAN: Yes. I did work for the Federal Reserve bank but only at the calling of my country. You see, back in the 1960’s and 1970’s the United States of America was in the throws of a secret take over by a cabal of banking and industrial interests…and they were winning the battle. I was tasked with taking back the monetary system of our nation.
COMMISSIONER ROOTA: That’s about as far fetched a claim as I have ever heard.
GREENSPAN: Is it really? Ask yourself a question: Who is the person most responsible for the crisis we are in today? If you are thinking it’s me… YOU ARE RIGHT! And what do you think will be the final outcome of the monetary crisis? I’ll tell you what the outcome is…the total destruction of all electronic and paper based monetary assets. Everyone will lose everything in a blink of an eye and we will return to our Constitutional Gold Standard. How’s that for a gold bug!
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May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir