bix weirFor years…and I mean YEARS…I’ve been screaming from the top of my lungs that the physical gold and silver warehousing by the large banks was a complete scam. Well today it’s beginning to look like the CFTC is FINALLY going to look into the matter:
CFTC subpoenas metals warehousing firm as inquiry heats up
“The source, who asked for anonymity and for the name of the firm not to be disclosed as he is not authorized to speak to the media, said the CFTC’s enforcement division has asked the firm that has received the subpoena to send, by August 23, every document, communication, voice recording, correspondence and external and internal emails related to the LME since January 2010.”
“The subpoena “included more than 30 areas of interest to the CFTC”, the source said, and was particularly focused on “anything that relates to moving metal from one warehouse to another within the same company… and procedures for loading out,” adding it also wanted details of any trading based on prices on the LME, the CME Group’s COMEX commodity exchange, and Platts, a unit of McGraw Hill that publishes price assessments of physical commodity markets.”
Of course the CFTC is about 15 years late! Here are just a few of the letters and articles I’ve sent to the CFTC on this matter. Here’s one I sent to all the CFTC Commissioners in 2009 addressing the very things they are “looking into” today…
Silver Manipulation Solution: 17 Requirements for a Freely Traded Silver Derivative Market Structure
3) Verify/Certify Physical Metal Backing — Currently, the regulators are blind to the physical markets and should NOT take any traders pledge as fact that they have metal to backup any large short position. The CFTC should actively verify and certify ALL metal that is pledged against COMEX contracts. This certification should include onsite physical audit of bars, drilling of a random sampling of bars, CFTC certification of purity and on going oversight of physical inventories.

7) Audit/Verify/Certify “Approved Warehouses” — The COMEX approved warehouses are owned and controlled by most of the very same entities that are accused of rigging the gold and silver markets. The CFTC relies heavily on the warehouse data in determining the dynamics of the physical markets. The potential for deceptive practices, false reporting, metal alterations and flat out fraud are huge. The CFTC should monitor, verify and certify all metal stored in “Approved Warehouses” to ensure the market has access to correct information.

8) Audit/Verify/Certify Physical Metal Hedges — Commercial hedging of mining production is the reason the futures and options markets exist. Without the need for mining companies to hedge the market price of their product the COMEX would have no reason to exist other than being a gambling establishment. If large mining companies, such as Barrick, wish to hedge their production the CFTC should investigate if the reserves in the ground are verifiable, economic and have little risk associated with extraction such as the potential for nationalization.

9) Remove ETF Physical Substitution — The COMEX now allows shares of the ETF’s SLV and GLD to be substituted for physical metal delivery. This is a flat out scam of epic proportions! There are more holes and loopholes in the prospectus of these two ETF’s than any other investment vehicle in the world. ETF shares ARE NOT physical metal. JP Morgan, for example, is the custodian for the silver in SLV but does not own title to that silver nor do they have any right to justify their gigantic COMEX short using that physical silver. By not speaking up at this obvious attempt to distort the physical supply of metal the CFTC is exposing itself as either the most incompetent regulator in the world or the most corrupt.

All of the other items addressed in my original letter to the CFTC should be implemented as well. It is time!
It is key to our cause that physical gold and silver be recognized as something TOTALLY separate from the paper and electronic derivatives as traded on the COMEX and LBMA (yes the LBMA is a paper shell game!) To have an opaque and freely traded gold and silver market the CFTC has to PRY OPEN the doors of the banksters metal warehouses.
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There are many, many more articles on the Road to Roota website that discuss the warehousing of gold and silver. Just use the search function for “warehouse” and you will get a lot of info.
The full court press is on now and the Banking Cabal is on their knees.
We are WINNING these final battles!
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir