“Who is John Galt?”
bix weirAll you Ayn Rand faithful understand what I’m talking about. If you don’t you should read “Atlas Shrugged” about 100 times and get back to me.
But here’s a question I get all the time…
“Who is Roota?”
Even if you have been a traveler on my RoadtoRoota.com website since the beginning you probably can’t answer this question easily as there are MANY potential correct answers.
Here are some:
1) Roota is a fictional comic book character from a Federal Reserve Bank publication meant to teach children about the need for scarcity in a monetary system. As the story plays out Roota comes to understand that Gold plays a necessary and key function in the acceptance of various forms of money. But because Roota lives in a society that does not have Gold backed money she devises a way to back money with oil and thus spread wealth and prosperity throughout her land. Although the plan works well for a while Roota knows that one day she will have to return to a true Gold backed monetary system. To this day Roota still searches for a way back to sound money.
2) Roota or “RootA” is the basis for all financial computer systems and is a key coding concept of the original sharable computer programming language called “BASIC”. BASIC was invented by John Kemeny who worked hand-in-hand with Alan Greenspan in the 1960’s to write the computer programs that became our developed our current system. In essence… “RootA” is the primary foundation of our Global Electronic Financial System.
3) The “Road to Roota” was a plan implemented in the early 1970’s by Alan Greenspan, Arthur Burns and Stephen Devaux to rig the financial markets using computer programs in order to prolong the unbacked monetary system soaking up all the benefits of unbacked fiat before returning to the discipline of a true Gold Standard. This plan was based on Nobel Prize winning mathematical economic theories developed in the 1960’s called the “Golden Rule Savings Rate” and “On the Road to the Golden Age”. The Road to Roota theory is the reason the US Government continues printing money as fast as possible as they are trying to destroy the US Dollar in order to return to our Constitutional Gold Standard.
So that’s what Roota is in a nutshell!
As for how far we are down the “Road to Roota”…we are closer than you think!
Here’s the latest update for Private Road Members:
Silver FREEDOM Update…17 Days
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir