This month marks the 100th anniversary of the US Federal Reserve Bank and it was celebrated today by three past Fed Chairmen… Ben Bernanke, Alan Greenspan and Paul Volcker. Interestingly, Greenspan spent his entire allotted 5 minutes describing the 1987 Stock Market Crash…is he trying to tell us something?!
You can watch the speeches here:
bix weirLet’s face it. Understanding the Federal Reserve Bank is a very difficult task. Your average “in the know” person will tell you that the Federal Reserve Bank is evil and is running rough-shot over “We the Sheeple” and on one level I would agree 100%.
On another level I have discovered that the US Federal Reserve is now actually TRYING TO DESTROY the Banking Cabal to return us to a more sound Monetary System.
This is the premise of the Road to Roota Theory and those who have opened their minds wide enough to take in the information that I provided have come to the same conclusion that I did…the FED is trying to destroy the system on purpose!
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Whatever you think of the Federal Reserve there is one FACT that I believe will continue to manifest over the remainder of it’s control over the world’s money supply…they will continue to debase and destroy all forms of money as best they can. Whether or not it is being done on purpose, by accident or by some evil design matters not. The fact that it IS being done and will CONTINUE to be done until the dollar has been totally destroyed remains.
My friends, the Fed is not long for this world and they know it. They want it to happen. Today’s ceremony should be seen as a FINAL GOODBYE as next year holds little hope for their continued control. The Chairmen represented at this ceremony have done their jobs over these last 30 years and the dollar is just about dead. You can consider this speech Greenspan’s last warning.
The question you will be faced with AFTER THE CRASH is quite simple…

This time…May the Road WE choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir