bitcoinAs Bitcoin goes through it’s first real brush up with central bankster manipulation I couldn’t be more happy about the prospects for this “Crypto-Currency” education! Although some have worried that Bitcoin will take money away from the silver market it’s actually a VERY bullish event in the silver world for these reasons:
1) Bitcoin participants are anti-government currency control advocates. New buyers begin to understand that the current system is imploding and they are looking for other places to put their wealth. Bitcoin fills that void but they are learning that even Bitcoin is not as safe as they had hoped. In the past, they would usually turn to gold but now they have more information about the difference between gold and silver. Once you understand gold you quickly understand that silver offers the same attributes yet much more…it’s a learning process. In the digital savvy world of Bitcoin investors I believe they will skip over a flight to gold and go right after physical silver.
2) In a short time Bitcoin investors have become (and will become) multimillionaires in fiat terms and naturally they will be afraid of losing their new found riches. The best alternative to Bitcoin is physical silver so you will see BILLIONS go from Bitcoin into physical silver as the Bitcoin phenomenon grows. The best thing about Bitcoin owners is that they are very wary of officialdom so they will skip any silver derivatives like Silver ETF’s or mining shares and go right to the safest form of non-system silver…PHYSICAL!
Keep an eye on Bitcoin as it portends a silver moonshot.
Long expected Road to Roota events are popping daily! Here’s the latest in the countdown for Private Road Members:
Silver FREEDOM Update…32 Days
These are the days of chaos…it will get much crazier!
Keep stacking your silver coins on the sidelines of the mayhem.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir