bix weirJust a quick comment on the word going around about the US waging an economic war on Russia with sanctions and asset confiscations…REALLY?!
Even the thought of the Obama Administration thinking they could win that war is laughable!
Putin knows everything that we know about the US government involvement in gold and silver manipulation. Putin sent his closest economic adviser, Andrey Bykov, to two GATA Conferences on gold price manipulation and he stated that they were the best economic conference he had ever attended!
Why stop there? Putin knows about The Road to Roota also if he follows GATA!
Here’s a simple statement that Putin could make to immediately negate any US economic attack:
“Russia has decided to use our $200B in US Dollar Reserves to buy physical silver in the open market taking it out of the exchange warehouses and bring it home to Russia as part of our strategic monetary reserves.”
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir