bix weirAll eyes are on the Fed announcement today. To Taper or not to Taper?…that is the question.
In REALITY – it’s about as much BS as can be spewed by the mainstream financial media! The US Market Rigging Control Center (in the basement of the Treasury Building) will keep all scenarios going the way they want them to go. There is no such thing as a “market reaction” since the computers are all programmed to CREATE a reaction in order to direct the minds of the Sheeple one way or the other.
So if you see wild moves in gold, silver, the dollar, bonds, etc…up or down…it is not a reaction to the announcement. It is all part of the plan.
Ultimately, the plan is to destroy the dollar, end fiat money and return to a more sound form of money in the US such as a traditional Gold Standard.
So enjoy the follies this afternoon. it should make for some fun commentary!
On a lighter note, many people have asked to buy the Limited Edition Road to Roota Coins outside of resubscribing to the Private Road as they already have extra time on their subscription. I had pondered such an offering but concluded that it would decrease the value of the limited amount coins already in circulation so I can’t in good conscious sell the coins separately. (Crazy but one already sold on eBay for over $300!)
Of course the FREE coin offer is still valid until silver hits $50/oz and you can check it out here:
A little word of warning about the END game. There is word out in the Wall Street Journal today that JP Morgan is going to be charged with manipulation of “something” and the CFTC is trying to make them admit guilt. This is both good and bad news as it may mean that the CFTC is FINALLY going to announce the conclusion of the Silver Market Manipulation Investigation…that’s the Good. But it could also mean that they are going to “settle” with JP Morgan and implement some sort of fine for the offense IF JPM fesses up…which would be Bad. Luckily… JPM would never confess to their crimes as it leaves them exposed to multiple “open-and-shut” lawsuits from the millions they have harmed.
I think the CFTC should throw the book at them and release all the PROOF of manipulation for the MASSES to use in their cases.
It’s the FAIR thing to do for all us Silver investors who have been subjected to their wrath for all these years.
May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir

PO Box 10626, Oakland, CA 94610, USA

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