The Battles are RAGING…Another JP Morgan Bankster “Suicided”
bix weirAs expected the BATTLES for our freedom from the banking cabal have heated up and crept into the Mainstream Media. Another JPM bankster was suicided this weekend…
2nd JP Morgan Banker Jumps to his Death(warning – graphic pictures)
Publicly there has been a handful of banksters that have been “taken out” in the last few weeks but privately there has been many, many more.  Don’t know if it’s the Good Guys cleaning house or the Bad Guys tying up loose ends but it has become obvious that it’s not safe for ANY Bankster anymore. The mainstream TV “PRESSTITUTES” aren’t talking about it yet on the Boob Tube but they can’t keep up their coverup going for much longer. The public is putting all the pieces together without the media’s attention as…
There are many “hits” happening as we speak in the current 2014 Roota Timeline Article (Private Road) so it seems like everything is on track…for the moment.
On a side note: Bank runs have begun in Thailand and Kazakstan. There will be attempts to stop the publicity of these runs but it will spread. Get ready to hear the government declare that these runs are just “isolated incidences” and that we, in the United States, have the FDIC to protect us so there is no need to worry…
The FDIC has only $40.8B while they insure TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS upon TRILLIONS (including the Global Derivative Complex through the big banks!)
It is all happening my friends. Stay on the sidelines with your physical silver and gold in hand and keep an even stronger hold on your BITCOIN because it will come in very, very handy after the crash. (sorry Bitcoin haters…you never quite grasped the concept in the early days of Bitcoin so you are being left behind. Don’t worry, you’ll be fine trading in your physical silver and gold for a spot in the Bitcoin Transaction Community after the crash…unfortunately, it might just cost you a few hundred ounces of gold and silver to buy a single Bitcoin by then!:)
May the road you choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir