bix weirAs the Plunge Protection Team continues their relentless market rigging games propping up the stock market, the dollar, the bond market, etc. and all the while suppressing the gold and silver markets…I’ve come to the conclusion that we should feel lucky!
Not lucky that it’s gone on so long but lucky that we have had TIME to prepare for something that we could never fully prepare for without the delays. The shutdown of our entire Global Monetary System will be the most significant event in the history of humankind and WE WILL NEVER BE FULLY READY for it!
Interestingly, I had a brief internet outage this morning and as I sat there NOT KNOWING if it would EVER come back up I thought to myself…am I really ready for this kind of global meltdown? No doubt the internet will go down with the rest of the system. Where will I get my info? How can I be sure the Good Guys have things under control? How fast will it all start up again?
My final answer was NO but that does not stop me from moving forward into the darkness towards the light realizing it is the only way out of our problems.
I have posted a very important Friday Road Trip for Private Road Members and you can find it here:
It deals with where we’ve been, how we came to where we are and where we are headed.
I know it all seems so crazy out there. The European destruction is assured and it won’t take long to spread throughout Europe – a week or two tops Sooo much different than just a few weeks ago. It will only get worse as the Bad Guys get taken out so try to stay safe. In the end the entire system will all be wiped clean and we will get to choose a new Road forward.
And as always…
May the Road we choose be the Right Road.
Bix Weir
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