Now pay attention to who is leading the way on this….two of the BRIC’s nations….hmmmmmmm.-A.M.

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Posted: 08/26/13 11:50 AM

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If “The Graduate” were made today, the advice given to Benjamin by the cocktail party guest Mr. McGuire wouldn’t be to go into plastics, but rather into sensors.

As the prices for various types of sensors have fallen in recent years, businesses have found all sorts of uses for them. And anyone who’s watched even one of Hollywood’s forays into science fiction knows that one main use for the sensors will be to confirm people’s identities using biometric traits.

Fingerprints, the original form of biometric identification, have quietly found more commercial uses in recent years, such as in tickets to Walt Disney theme parks. Retinal and iris scans, facial and voice recognition and even palm vein recognition systems are growing, too.

But here’s a plot twist: Developing countries like Brazil and India are leading the way to biometric forms of identity verification, in which sensors limit access to secure systems such as banking or governmental assistance programs, to users who possess anatomical traits, deemed unique to them and previously entered into a database.

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