Brazilian Artist Upcycles Tires & Turns Them Into Beds For Animals!


  • The Facts:Amarildo Silva Filho has made a business out of upcycling old tires into comfortable and beautiful beds for stray animals, sheltered animals and even pets!
  • Reflect On:Why do we continue to participate in the desecration of our earth? We need to join forces with individuals like Amarildo to help combat the pollution we continue to infest our planet with.

Our earth is marvellously abundant and provides its dwellers with the necessities to survive such as food, shelter, and water, but what it also contains is an excessive amount of trash. The exact number to date is unknown, but when we consider that 1.3 billion tons of household waste is generated per year and only about 258-368 million tons of trash end up in one of the 50 largest dumpsites… one begins to wonder, where is the rest of it?

We are already very aware of The Great Garbage Patch in the ocean, which is infested with plastic, and another one was recently discovered floating in the Caribbean off the coast of an island near Honduras. This information is obviously distressing, but there is some good news: People are working tirelessly (no pun intended) to amend this issue. With The Great Garbage Patch, we have Boyan Slat who invented a device to clean up the ocean, and on land we have a new hero: 23 year-old Brazilian artist, Amarildo Silva Filho.

Two years ago, Amarildo encountered a pile of old tires in his neighbourhood and became inspired to combine two things he loves most: upcycling and his love of animals. What he came up with was unique, highly useful, and comfortable! Amarildo created beds from the tires for local strays, animals in shelters, and even pets. Below you will find images of how Amarildo creates these funky beds. He cuts and washes the tires that are either donated or found on the streets, and then he paints, decorates and sometimes customizes the pieces, and finishes them off by adding straps to help carry them and a mattress that he sews himself.

Amarildo has since created over 6,000 tire beds for animals and is continuing to create more as he’s received a lot of requests from pet-owners who are environmentally conscious and want to support his mission. If you’d like to learn more about Amarildo’s company,  Caominhas Pets, or even order a bed for your fur baby, check out his Facebook Page or Instagram.


“The only way to do a great job is to love what you do.”
– Amarildo Silva Filho