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Brazilian inventors bring free energy device to market

Brazilian inventors bring free energy device to market


This is what Keshe could have done 5 to 10 years ago?… ; (

They are registering the patents, (i.e transferring “public legal title” to the Registrar (the State) So they just lost the ball there. They have just made themselves Parties with superior interest or equitable title holders. Nothing wrong there (if you understand the trust relationship… which I am going to assume they don’t) Which means they can now only control these “properties” (property being the “right to use” or control or “Title” through the trust… (i.e. if push comes to shove for example) And if they don’t understand that and act like it is their actual property, they will get into a LOT OF TROUBLE (that is how the courts screw everyone over… It’s all hidden trust interpretation)

IF the Government decides to become corrupted, like say some Rothschild, or Rockefellar agent decides to bribe the government, they could come under a lot of legal problems.

Already they were mentioning someone attempting to arrest them for stealing equipment. Now they are interacting with the courts filing motions in latin (Corpus derelicti) i.e. whether they realize it or not, they are already in a form of contract now with the Government, the courts, etc.. This was not an accident, whoever filed the original charge knew they were innocent. It was about creating a “recognition” and publicly recording evidence of the “jurisdiction” of the court over their PERSONs. They are now publicly recorded as being in contract (recognition) with the statutory corporation.

Too bad, it would have been nice to make public notice and state these devices are not registered in the public, private. waive any offers to make them amenable to licensing, and maintain and record them as unincorporated. (see Peacemaker Society) And then share the designs with the world in their private capacity (in a trust they would control)… And then they could just go out and start building them and the getting them into homes of people privately…

I know of actual cases where people were told the government couldn’t touch their property, because they built it themselves, and therefore no record of legal title in any registrar exists in the public. These guys just went and created that when they patented it. They just created the legal titles to be held by the Registrar, which is nothing but a front for the State.

That opportunity and time window unfortunately has passed. Now it is time to watch and see what the government is going to try to do… This looks as if it has certainly caught everyone in the country off guard. I guess they don’t have as many Freemason secret society agencies running the government over there??? Let’s keep our eyes peeled cause, honestly this sounds like the real deal, and it sounds too good to be true … (i.e that they are still alive and haven’t had their equipment stolen, been attacked or poisoned, or thrown under a train, by our ever loving tax sucking government agencies… as Richard Hoagland would say, stay tuned…

So far they have only created “legal joinder” (‘recognition’ is contract) “jurisdiction” (recognizing and ‘arguing’ against the charge) They are also now pleading incompetence in trust, and have granted POA (hiring a lawyer) and they have transferred legal title to their patents to the Registrar (the government as representative of the State)… (This how everyone gets sucked into the Matrix of Control by a pyramid of cabalists…)

Let’s put it this way… all the PTB need to do now, is step in and start spreading big fat bribes on the table, and the first scumbag in the government reaches out his grubby palm and accepts it could give them the “in” to start “legally” harassing, stealing their property, further charging and arresting these guys… And they made it possible all by their own actions (consent to jurisdiction)… The fraud and crime of course is that they are trusting their government and the courts…

Let’s pray for these two brave (or naive) souls… They are going to be dependent on a lot of other people to get these to market…

And lets hope the technology is amenable to comprehension and understanding by others so that it doesn’t die with them.. I.e. they decide to both commit suicide and then suddenly prototypes built with the patents, suddenly don’t work anymore (if you know what I mean… ‘:O…gy-device.html

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