Ashtar Spaceship Breaking News What Really Happened to Flight 370 The Video Footage
Greetings Brothers and Sisters here is a Breaking Cosmic News Report.
ashtarwithufosAfter much research these last few days and being interviewed on a Morning show here in Connecticut where I gave my theory on what happened to Flight 370.I found  video footage from a Youtube person who was recording on the Radar Tracking sight for Airline Jets and he caught in his review Flight 370 also a object you will see is a yellow color that looks disc shaped and shifts shape to look like a Jet. Then you see it moving faster then the regular Jets on Radar.
I wish to Credit DAHBOO77 for his work in finding this information and uploading on YouTube. The Source of the information he obtained is,-97/7.
I will say that whatever the Major Media News is saying now is all lies and theories because they have really no idea what happened.
In these two video’s which are narrated by DAHBOO77 you will understand clearly that lies are being created to cover the truth Radar does not lie my Brothers and Sisters .I will as stated go on air and let this be know to listeners around the world.
Before the two video’s are taken off by YouTube or the Government .The truth will be told.
Here is the first video He titles it’ Radar Playback of the Moment Malaysia Flight 370 Vanished! “
Here is the final footage of the Radar tracking Flight 370 before it and the UFO which looks like a Jet Blinks out and disappears for good.So as the Navy,Air Force and Governments and Agencies try to find it .They will not because it was taken out into another Dimension within the Dragon Triangle by this craft or UFO that as I said early changed in look to a Jet from a UFO.
Here is the title of his second post on YouTube with over 1 million hits “
He said on second video this”
All the proof is right here. The first link will be to the first video showing it going down off Malaysia’s coast. The second is to Flight Radar!

First Video:……

Now here is the second video.
May we all be blessed in the days and weeks ahead .Remember the truth is with in all of us. If Those from Space wanted to get Humanities attention they shore did. CmdrAleon Ashtar Spaceship News
Archive of Commander Aleon’s radio show  March 16