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Global Research, October 17, 2013

Dear Readers, Friends and Fighters for Truth in Media,

actor with film projectorDay in and day out, people are tuning in to Global Research to find out what is going on in the world. Often, the headlines leave little room for optimism. Threats of militarized intervention in Syria… Abuses of Palestinian human rights on a daily basis… An economic crisis reaching pandemic proportions…

It’s a lot to process on any given day. So… do we give up and walk away?

Not while we know that you, our readers, are out there and counting on the TRUTH — that you are making conscious choices to turn off mainstream media drivel and find out what’s really happening. And nothing encourages us more than knowing that we are reaching you, the people — that the nameless, faceless clicks that register on our stats counters are connected to real people who want to know, need to know, are just as committed as we are to breaking through the lies.

Often you write to us to show your appreciation, and that inspires us greatly. And sometimes we find encouragement in the most unlikely places, where people are discussing Global Research and promoting our projects to other web users. Recently we came across this comment by an anonymous reader:

“Since I signed the newsletters of Globalresearch I receive the most important news written by independent journalists, social scientists, experts and people who are fighting to tell what the mainstream media is hiding. I followed all the reports about the Libya intervention for one year and from the articles I had not only in-depth analysis but also a guide to people who were engaged in reporting in loco the horrors they were witnessing. I wanna thank Globalresearch for the work and relentless effort in promoting justice in this world where integrity is a word forgotten by the vast majority of those who are part of the elite and the media is one of them. The mainstream media is not only covering the truth, it is inventing fictitious stories.”

And there was also the following:

“I’ve been following Global Research for almost a year now and I find myself to be smarter and more analytical of the world around me. New thought paths have been created and nothing can ever take that away. The rose coloured glasses have shattered” :- )

For those who speak up, who share the articles, who discuss these vital issues on social media, in cafes, at conferences and around the dinner table, we send out a big THANK YOU.

The headlines may not be inspiring, but your commitment is. And the more we stand together, the more we can look forward to the day when we’ll turn on our computers and see how AWARENESS is transforming into CHANGE — positive, sustainable change for us and our future generations.

Please keep the dialogue open, and keep the information circulating. And if you are in a position to do so, we would appreciate it tremendously if you would consider making a donation (any amount helps!) or starting a membership with Global Research. You can also browse our online store for books and DVDs, and sign up for our newsletter (it’s free!) to get the latest articles delivered daily to your Inbox.

We are facing forward and thinking big, and we are strengthened immeasurably by the knowledge that you, our readers, are standing beside us.

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