Thanks for the heads up, Drake.

Now we’re talkin’!  Were you aware that some of the papaya from Hawaii you have been eating are genetically modified disease machines?

This ban is a huge victory for The People and another nail in Monsanto’s coffin.  The People WILL win this Food Fight.  

To see just how serious Hawaiians are about ousting Monsanto, click here.  This needs to happen in every state and every country on the planet where it has not already.

To learn what foods are GMO and what is safe click here.  ~ BP


The Big Island of Hawaii County Council Committee passed a GMO prohibition Bill by a vote of 6-2. The Bill 113 passed out of committee and is progressing to the full Council, set for October 16th. The Bill is relevant to the island of Hawaii, known as “The Big Island.” The two “no” votes were Greggor Ilagan and Chair J Yoshimoto. Dennis “Fresh” Onishi was absent. The Bill 113 will ban all open air cultivation of GMOs, with the exception of papaya which already has genetically modified forms already being grown on the island. Other than this, the Hawaii island is the final to not yet have GMO crops in the state of Hawaii.

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