A Commentary on the Exposure of State Terrorism in Canada

by Kevin D. Annett

July 8, 2016

Murdered Indian residential school eyewitness Harry Wilson (left) with Kevin Annett – Vancouver, March 1997

Today, for the first time, a Canadian government insider has confirmed that a secret  program has operated since the spring of 1998 to silence or eliminate witnesses to Indian residential school crimes, and to stop any real inquiry into those crimes.

This latest whistle blower has confirmed what some of us have known from experience for many years.

When I read the report of this exposure, my first thought was not of criminals in high office but of Vancouver friends who are long since dead: men and women who were targeted and killed by the covert black ops program of April 3, 1998. I see the worn and hopeful faces of Bingo Dawson, Ricky Lavallee, Billy Combes and Harry Wilson – poor and homeless aboriginal survivors of the residential schools genocide who were all targeted and killed by a program approved by Liberal Prime Minister Jean Chretien and his cabinet.

The disclosure by one brave, honest civil servant of a confidential memo describing a plan for state terrorism  is more than a smoking gun – it is an enormous smoking cannon. For it explains why and how the past eighteen years of death and cover up has gone on across Canada – how every independent effort to uncover the mass murder of native children has been crushed or co-opted – how eyewitnesses to that mass murder have been silenced – and how an entire nation called Canada has become complicit in an ongoing genocide and its concealment.

I am one of the few witnesses and actors in these events who is still alive and vocal, and so I have an obligation to confirm to the world what this latest whistle blower has revealed. I want to outline how and why this official order to kill from the Canadian government came about and was enacted – and the deadly consequences it is still having on all of us, but especially on targeted aboriginal families.

As you can see by today’s report at itccs.org, in the spring of 1998 a confidential memo was circulated to Prime Minister Chretien and at least three of his senior cabinet officials from an operations branch of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service – CSIS. The memo recommended three things: that citizens campaigning to expose crimes in Indian residential schools be harassed and stopped; that any independent inquiry into those crimes be derailed; and that the actual aboriginal eyewitnesses to the torture and killing of native children in these schools be “contained or eliminated”.

This memo of April 3, 1998 was written just as a huge public movement was forming on Canada’s west coast to expose these crimes and conduct exactly such an independent inquiry.

On February 9, 1998 in Vancouver, I had helped convene the first mass meeting about the residential schools genocide that featured eyewitnesses to killings, like Harriett Nahanee and Harry Wilson. Out of this meeting was formed a group that held the first public hearings into these crimes, from June 12 to 14 in Vancouver, at which international observers were present. The CSIS memo was written in response to these efforts, in order to target and stop them.

The CSIS memo is written in a particularly urgent tone, and with good cause. For in the same month of June, 1998 the first legal decision against Canada and the united church for its residential school crimes – the Brenner decision – was made in the British Columbia supreme court. Both church and state were found to be equally liable for the residential school crimes. The flood gates were then opened to thousands of lawsuits against Canada and the United, Anglican and Catholic churches. The government knew this tide had to be stopped.

Further proof of how this happened was that during the month after our June hearing and the Brenner decision , the first public smear and misinformation campaign was launched against me and our movement, organized by an undercover operative named Jim Craven who was later exposed as an RCMP informant. That smear campaign against our campaign has never stopped since then.

In addition, we have the statements of reporters with Vancouver newspapers that throughout that same period they were phoned or visited by RCMP officers and pressured not to report our activities. A police goon squad operated in Vancouver’s downtown east side that systematically gang stalked and incited violence against our key witnesses to crimes at the United Church Alberni residential school. And during that same summer and fall of 1998 diplomatic pressure by Canada stopped the United Nations from acting on the recommendations of its own affiliate, IHRAAM, that had sponsored our June inquiry, that Canada and its churches be charged with genocide.

But the most convincing evidence that the brutal recommendations of the CSIS memo were enacted by the Chretien government was the growing numbers of deaths among the aboriginal activists of our movement. Between 1998 and 2009, a total of nine of our front line activists in Vancouver died suddenly by obvious foul play: by police beatings, lethal injections in hospitals, heart attacks or unexplained causes. Every coroner’s report concerning the cause of these deaths was found to be inaccurate, unsubstantiated or falsified.

None of these assaults and warfare waged by the Canadian government against its own citizens stopped the truth about our home grown genocide from becoming known. We forced the truth to light despite the attacks and killings inflicted on us. But these attacks so weakened our campaign that its evidence and work was co-opted and redirected by the same government into something it falsely called the “truth and reconciliation commission”: an enormous coverup that has officially  whitewashed the Canadian genocide and shielded the criminal churches from prosecution. All of these crimes – from the murder of our people to the smears and lies to the TRC itself – flowed from that single memo of April 3, 1998, and the government’s enactment of it.

The people crying the loudest these days for what they call “healing and reconciliation” are the same men and women who planned and enacted the attacks on us, and who all have blood on their hands: the blood of my friends, and of many people who will never be known. Behind the present mask of “healing” lies the same old corruption and church-state terrorism. And the exposure of the April 3, 1998 CSIS memo has proven it.

The lies and concealment never stop. Just last April, the Ontario Court of Appeal authorized the Canadian government to legally destroy crime scene evidence: any records or statements held by the government pertaining to residential school crimes. Perhaps the CSIS memo whistle blower said his own no to this criminal obstruction of justice and grabbed from the shredder this all important memo – this piece of our lost history that proves what we have said for years: that Canada, the crown and its churches are a criminal conspiracy that must be stopped.

We cannot bring back the dead, but we can spare them further suffering by not halting our efforts to dislocate and bring down the system that murdered them, and that is still killing families to grab their lands and resources, or to traffic their children. The question is, how much longer will Canadians allow their tax money and votes and passive acquiescence to be used to prop up these killers in power?

In the weeks ahead, our campaign to disestablish crown authority in Canada and establish a new common law Republic will be escalating its work. International law and the law of God demand that you not belong to a criminal and genocidal system like Canada.

We have shown you the truth of what you are and how you can change. We have done so with our suffering, our blood, and our lives. Now, what will you do?



Kevin Annett was re-nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2015. Messages for him can be left at 386-492-2395 (USA). His personal website is www.KevinAnnett.com.
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