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Will the UNSC list Turkmen groups as terrorist orgs?

Will the UNSC list Turkmen groups as terrorist orgs?

Gordon Duff: On October 2, 2014, the Turkish parliament approved that nation’s membership in the US led coalition against ISIS.  It was not until August 29, 2015, however, that Turkey agreed to begin military operations against ISIS, nearly a year later.

However, Turkey has yet to begin military operations against ISIS and, rather to the contrary, has continued its financial support of that organization through a massive oil smuggling operation, that is noted and accepted without question, along with other ways, most of which are clandestine in nature and in fact much more deadly.

With the agreement below, penned by the US for the coalition including Turkey and by Russia, the co-chairs and “plenipotentiary” parties in the implementation of the December 18, 2015 UNSC resolution, a number of things come into play.  One stands out as a game changer though many are of significance.

The “stickler” as it were is simply this, on February 27, 2016, provided the YPG Kurds agree to participate in the cease fire agreement, which they are expected to do, the ongoing Turkish military action against this group, including but not limited to cross border artillery attacks, will be a violation of a Security Council resolution and require a response from both Russia and the United States within the frame work of the Security Council’s realm of authority.

One could reasonably assume that NATO has had some discussions as to what it might have to consider doing as to Turkey’s continued membership in NATO. Such bodies have to have contingency plans for everything to avoid being caught flatfooted.


The killing will not stop completely but hope to see a big drop

The killing will not stop completely but we hope to see a big drop

[ Editor’s Note:  This is a two part piece, the initial report on the ceasefire progress with its date, and following is Putin’s official announcement after he and Obama had approved the agreement negotiated by their technical teams.

Now the job begins as both sides have to marshal support from their respective constituents. We have seen how busy Turkey has been using this time to effectively take territory in Syria, it’s self imposed buffer zone, completely illegal under international law.

This week will see a frenzy of attempted negotiations to extract concessions for returning control over such illegally taken land, a rather bad precedent for a UN forum to entertain as it is the kind of thing that could catch on quickly. This is why we have been seeing the fear porn cranked up in the media.

But from the statement below it appears there is nothing for them to negotiate other than their being in or out. This is how Kerry and Lavrov has cut the deal killers off at the pass. For any of those who consider themselves independent actors you will see a method of dealing with them included in the agreement mechanics.

The Turkish presence in Syria seems to not have been dealt with at this time

The Turkish presence in Syria seems to not have been left hanging

While ISIL and al-Nusra are excluded from the ceasefire, the door is open for others to be determined terrorists by the UNSC. I have a  suspicion that ceasefire violators might find themselves quickly on the list with pilots at the waiting to run bombing missions on them. A joint command structure will be set up to monitor and deal with violations

Turkey has demanded the US renounce working with the Kurds or it will not participate. So we will see what levers Turkey and the US bring to bear to adjust that thinking. Erodgan wants his buffer zone which effectively is asking Damascus to allow Turkey to continue violating its sovereignty.

If Assad and Russia allow that, how can they say do to the others wanting the same thing? So expect to see some major wheeling and dealing, and more terrorist attacks, at least half of them false flags so aggressors can pretend they are taking military actions in defense, the ruse of the month it seems to be… Jim W. Dean ]