Ashtar: “Entering the Golden Age, “Part Two*
Ashtar On The Road Teleconference – October 8, 2013**


“Let’s talk about NESARA.  NESARA is something you’ve been hearing about for a long time.  It is divinely inspired, it follows Divine and galactic law and it follows the laws of Love.  Why NESARA?  Because those guys have just gotten so used to having all this power and control, they simply will not keep their promises.  They promised, they contracted to leave and they didn’t and they are still trying to hang on.  NESARA was conceived before the year 2000, it was signed into law by two presidents – it is the law!!!


“It is not just for the United States of America, it actually originated and was written by certain beings in Congress, but it is for the whole World.  It was written and passed into law for the entirety of the whole world to follow.  It has yet to be announced formally, and until it is formally announced it is not adhered to. But you can accept NESARA into your beings, you can follow the integrity path of NESARA, you can understand it!!!  Go to our website** – there is a full explanation.


“We have mentioned some of the things that will not be in existence in the Golden Age, and that there will be Abundance for all.  NESARA’s Announcement will clear the debts and do away with them once and for all.  We will not take a lot of time, if you have forgotten the basic tenets of NESARA go to our website, go to Masters Tara and Rama,*** tune in to their shows or go to their archives or whatever you want to do – you’ll get the full picture.


“NESARA is the National Economic Security and Reformation Act, and oh boy, will it reform!!!  There is no place under NESARA law for the greed, for the manipulations of the economic system or for the oppressive laws which will be instantly gone.  Say, ‘Bye-bye. Thank you for teaching us what you had to teach us and we no longer need your Patriot Act, Homeland Security, TSA, Black Ops, and so on, because their time is over!!!’  None of that will exist and everybody will be free in the Golden Age and those things will not be needed.  Everybody will be in a Higher level of understanding and Love!


“You can’t get any higher than Love, but what we’re talking about is that humanity is rising in its own consciousness and so the more that we gather on the Bridge – bring yourselves up anytime – the more that you sit in your sacred places and take 30 seconds or 30 minutes or whatever to send that Love You Are -beam it out, share it, pay it forward – the faster these things will come to all of 3D Earth because they are in existence and they are just waiting to burst upon the stage!!!


“There is a divine inspiration for NESARA, we call her Lady NESARA.  She stands with Lady Freedom and we have given them the female because we want people to feel the nurturing that they bring to each and every being, the Goldenwhite light of the Christ and all of the Joy that everyone deserves!  As these dark hat ones leave the stage to make way for Lady NESARA and for Lady Freedom and for the Masters and for Yourselves to take center stage – how about that? – to stand together with you in total connected Oneness – it is to send Love to everyone, dark hats, white hats, gray hats, any shade in between.


“We are going to ask you to do one more thing.  We have asked you before, and we are going to ask you to continue, particularly, sending that Love to President Obama and the NESARA announcers.  He is not the only one, but he is the leader.  There are others who are so anxious.  If you could see and feel – stop for a minute, feel the Love that these ones have for you and for everyone in the World, everyone on Planet Earth, and it radiates clear out to the Universe!  Feel the Love that these Announcers have, feel their anxiousness to come and serve as the Announcers.  They have been longing to do this for years upon Planet Earth!!!


“The stage is almost ready for them to move onto it and to officially announce the grand opening of the Golden Age!  Send them your Love and support.  You only need to know that President Obama is what you might call the lead Announcer.  He has a lot of advisors and they are not all in human bodies, and this is entirely appropriate – we and our representatives are with him!!!  He has a very, very highly evolved group around him who are occupying human bodies as far as the World is concerned, but they are from Higher Dimensionalities – they have brought themselves to Higher Dimensionalities!


“We do not need to go into this, just know that Obama knows what he is here to do.  He made a speech today**** that was addressing and explaining the situation from the 3D perspective, because that is what he has to do.  Read between the lines, go back and look at the speech, look into his eyes and allow yourselves to feel the great Love that he is and that he projects and sends to all.  Send it right back to him!!!


“If you can find time, send emails to the White House – you can find how to do it on our website, do it. Speak up and use 3D methods as well as Higher, because remember, not everyone there understands the Higher Dimensionalities!  It is for the people around him to read your communications and get the gist of it, and it is for him to be told about your communications if he does not have time to read each and every one.


“What if somebody said, ‘Oh my goodness, we received one thousand – or ten thousand – emails today saying let’s open the Golden Age, let’s announce NESARA now,’ or, ‘tell the world that the Ashtar Command is here,’ or whatever.  This is putting your Hearts with his.  Make no mistake, a 3D action is very important! Sign petitions, start petitions, do whatever you are inspired to do and do it on all levels, from 3D on up to your very Highest Self, and that, Beloved Ones, is how we can work together to get this done!!!


“Well, this has been so de-Lightful!  I am so excited to have you here with me, and guess what?  We are going traveling again, because we will be welcoming Sekhmet here to take us to her ship, which is The Niburu, and it is a crystal ship with some rather magical and wondrous capabilities, and we shall empower the Golden Age and NESARA together in our circle on her ship!


“So I, Ashtar, tell you again, we see you all, we love you all beyond words, and We Are One with you.  And so it is. Salut!”


*    Part 1 of Ashtar’s transcript is contained here.
**     Ashtar was introduced by his chosen song, Come, The New Jerusalem.
***   Click for NESARA information – scroll down.
****   Tara and Rama’s A&A Reports
*****  Link to Obama’s 10-8 speech
****** Link to emailing the White House
Transcription by Brian Coe.
Given through Susan Leland, October 8, 2013.
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