DAHBOO77 Is Da Man!
May 7, 2013

If this don’t show you how big of a sham CNN and the MSM Are , Then I don’t know what will! Nancy Grace and Ashleigh Banfield keep a straight face, standing only 50 feet of each other while faking a satellite interview!


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Best Thing Ever

I LOVE this YouTuber, DAHBOO77!
He’s the bomb! (Don’t miss the bonus
beats, below!!!)

Video (1:30 mins):

Since this awesome clip is so short,
I’ve got some fun bonus beats for you,
also involving news footage and just
as short:
Charles Ramsey of Cleveland, OH
has become an overnight hero on
the Internet, due to coverage of
his recent rescue of three women
who had been held hostage against
their will, one for a decade.

The plight of these women It is almost

too horrible to contemplate. They were
held captive, as sex slaves by their
abuser and his friends and were beaten
to cause miscarriages – however, at
least one child is known to have survived.
Somehow, these perpetrators were able
to do this without the awareness of
neighbors and visiting family members
who did not live with him. However, one
son commented that here were a lot of
locks and some rooms one couldn’t go
into. This story is still developing.

This upbeat mash-up/music video of he

news footage of Charles Ramsey by
Australia’s answer to Weird Al Yankovic,
the musician, Robbo Da Yobbo shows his
fine editing skills and a gift for transforming
Charles Ramsey’s charismatic soundbites
into dance music. Enjoy!