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Cabal Peons Still Trying to Prop Up the Lie in the Blogosphere

Cabal Peons Still Trying to Prop Up the Lie in the Blogosphere

Right on!  I couldn’t have written it better my fellow blogger!!!-A.M

by 2012thebigpicture

UFNchemtrailssuncartoonMy post on Evergreen Air shutting down was very popular; SO popular in fact, that it got the attention of a blogger I never heard of before.

From time to time I check out who reblogs my posts and often thank them for sharing.

This time I got the distinct impression that it’s a cabal minion’s blog trying to do damage control.

Take a look.  Here’s what they wrote:

“I love this blog and trust and read all the posts, but was the article for Evergreen International Aviation checked out? It seems it is not closing as the post states.

For Immediate Release November 8, 2013

Contact:                       Evergreen International Aviation                                             (503) 472-9361 McMinnville, Oregon — November 8, 2013

As has been previously reported in the press, Evergreen’s business has been adversely impacted over the past several years by decreased demand in military spending and weakness in global economic markets.  Management has moved to aggressively address these challenges, including through the divestiture of businesses and assets and the significant reduction of secured debt.  Evergreen is in discussions with its significant constituencies and is exploring available strategic alternatives with those constituencies.  While Evergreen generally does not comment on market rumor or conjecture, rumors that a decision has been made to cease operations at this time are false.  Evergreen remains committed to continuing to address the current business environment with its customers.

– Delford M. Smith       Chief Executive Officer,       Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.

About Evergreen International Aviation, Inc.                     

Evergreen International Aviation, Inc., through its subsidiaries, provides air freight and aviation services to air carriers, aviation companies, and governmental agencies worldwide. With international operating authority and a network of global offices and affiliates, Evergreen consists of an international cargo airline that owns and operates a fleet of Boeing 747s, an aircraft ground handling company, and an aircraft sales and leasing company. In addition to these endeavors, Evergreen owns and operates Evergreen Agricultural Enterprises and is headquartered near the not-for-profit Evergreen Aviation Museum, home of the Spruce Goose. The company was founded by Delford M. Smith and is based in McMinnville, Oregon. For more information, please visit”

As if anything a CIA chemtrail operation executive or spokesperson says is going to mean anything.

Not being an abusive person I gave them the benefit of the doubt and left a decent comment, but this blog has nothing in it! Two posts are listed; one from July (nothing there) and now November. That’s it.

So, this so-called huge fan of the Big Picture who reads and trusts all my data suddenly comes out of a long hiatus and feels it’s necessary to vette one article?

Doubt it.  How much do you want to make a bet that if I left a flaming response it wouldn’t get posted?

I’m not wasting my time dealing with these fake bloggers, shills and trolls. Gordon Duff at  Veterans Today confirms this operation is CIA and they definitely spray chemtrails.

Now they’re paying staff at least two weeks late every pay cheque? The writing is on the wall. They’re going down.

Since the cabal is broke, bankrupt and bawling, I’m not surprised they’re in denial over this but they’re wasting their breath on fake bloggers0—particularly one new nondescript blog that gets no traffic. Get serious.

And DO I vette my posts? NO. This is a blog, not the New York Times and I don’t get paid.

I share info I feel is of interest to Humanity if I get a feeling it is probably either valid, or at least partially true so people can make up their own minds about the validity.

Much of the information we get is liberally sprinkled with lies and disinformation. We should always check in with our higher selves to see what kind of a reading we get. My reading on the Leo Stars blog is FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!

2012thebigpicture | November 21, 2013 at 2:10 PM


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