Starship Earth: The Big Picture

Jamie Lee at A Plane Truth channel lives in California, I believe, and he takes these latest attacks personally. Following is one of his most recent videos and the first piece of footage from a security camera shows the distinct flashing of lasers—not a fire. Plain as day.

For anyone trying to come to grips with this domestic terrorism…

Look at this dramatic footage of the aftermath and ask yourself if this looks like the work of a fire. The homes themselves don’t even look like they burned. They look like they melted or were completely vapourized. The trees in the yards still stand, still green.


Here’s one that highlights the astounding clouds in the burn area. We see homes only burning—the trees surrounding them are not on fire. In a normal fire, a home would take time to burn and some trees at least would catch fire or have minimal scorching. It has appeared to me for some time that the clouds are a “smoke screen” to warrant evacuations and prevent most people from seeing that the forests are not on fire. The smoke hides the homes in flames.

With respect to a past video showing a helicopter dangling a contraption that created sparks used to ignite fires on the ground… some are pointing out that it is probably lighting what we call “back fires” to burn an area between a residential area, for example, and the leading edge of the fire. The plan is to burn up the forest near the residential area so that when the flames get to the burned area, there is no fuel left and they might go out.

My response to that is… we have heard the testimony of firefighters saying that they have never seen fires like this before. We’ve seen them dousing vehicles and homes with water and the flames are very stubborn and not wanting to go out.

Firefighters are not sure how to battle these blazes, and if the theories of several researchers are valid, then the slightest little spark is all it takes to ignite these areas because they are impregnated with metals and other chemicals. Backfires may work to fight traditional forest fires, but these are not forest fires. They are something above and beyond and do not behave the way firefighters expect, or people expect.

Using any incendiary device in these areas with heavily chemtrailed skies the way we’re told Northern California has been may be the worst tactic possible. The only true forest fires burning may be the backfires, and they could easily get out of control. It may look like a fire fighting tactic, when it’s actually growing the fires and trapping people.

There is far more going on in most of these California fires than burning trees, because we’re not seeing any in these neighbourhoods. And we’ve also seen a school yard cut in half with bright green grass on one side and the other side jet black, divided by a straight line. Fires don’t do that.

Here are more good videos showing what happened in California. We’re so sorry for all the people who lost everything and have nowhere to go, or are having to spend all their cash or rack up credit cards for accommodations. There are no words of consolation for those who lost loved ones—and there were many.

All our trusted intel sources tell us these homes were incinerated using exotic weapons of multiple kinds. Lasers, microwaves, etc.

This vlogger went to the city planning meetings in Paradise where they were executing Agenda 21-Agenda 2030, proposing the narrowing of the only road in and out of the canyon where Paradise lay nestled between mountains. He protested, was ostracized, and they city planners went ahead and dropped two lanes which was instrumental in trapping many residents when they tried to flee to safety.


CBC coverage of the fires on The National (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). This is a sad story, as this woman’s mother refused to leave the home and perished; her body found by authorities. Americans really must get out of denial and accept what is happening is the work of evil, psychopathic people who seek to destroy Humanity. Their plans are successful and until people speak up and confront them, they will continue to prey on those with their heads in the sand.

Here are more personal stories from folks who survived the fires around Paradise, California.