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To the Holy One that is known by many names and lives through each of us, we humbly pray for peace, justice, and wisdom to prevail in Syria.

We offer our prayers for all engaged in this conflict – including Bashar Al-Assad, his allies, and the opposition leaders – to remember the righteousness and compassion within them and to open to the nonviolent transformation of the situation for the good of Syria and all humanity.

We hear the cries of our brothers and sisters and mourn the dead and displaced. We affirm that we are all children of the same Source, and ask to be cleansed of any of our misdeeds that may have contributed to the suffering.

We commit to learning from this tragedy and ask for guidance in making our most positive contribution to the healing, cultural change, and reforms required to prevent all such tragedies in the future.

May peace prevail in Syria and on Earth.

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Founding Signatories

  • Stephen Dinan – The Shift Network
  • Michael Nagler – Metta Center for Nonviolence
  • Grandmother Flordemayo
  • James O’Dea – author & social healer
  • Philip Hellmich – Summer of Peace
  • Diane Williams – Source of Synergy Foundation
  • Barbara Marx Hubbard – Foundation for Conscious Evolution
  • Sister Jenna – Meditation Museum
  • Lynnaea Lumbard – Compassionate Action Network Intl.
  • Olivia Hansen – Synthesis Foundation
  • David Gershon – Empowerment Institute
  • Avon Mattison – Pathways to Peace
  • Dot Maver – The National Peace Academy
  • Dena Merriam – The Global Peace Initiative of Women
  • Rev. Canon Charles Gibbs
  • Mirabai Starr – author and scholar
  • Stephanie Van Hook – Metta Center for Nonviolence
  • David Nicol – Gaiafield Project
  • Patrick Kronfli – UNIFY
  • Rev. Deborah Moldow – World Peace Prayer Society
  • Claudia Sobrevil – Environmentalist
  • J. Fred Arment – The International Cities of Peace
  • Kim Weichel – Peace X Peace
  • Nina Meyerhof – Children of the Earth
  • Jon Ramer – Compassion Games
  • Jeff Vander Clute
  • Gordon Dverin
  • Stephen Fantl – PeaceDay TV