Can Military Intelligence DO THIS???

Dec 31, 2018

Most people are aware our military intelligence protects us by monitoring what other nations are doing, but in certain cases, they can also gather intel on Americans. LINKS REFERRED TO IN VIDEO: From official Marines website: Intelligence law during domestic support operations… Don’t forget to check out my Patreon page for articles on various topics of interest!… =============== I write Christian conspiracy thrillers, many of which are based on current events and theories being tossed around in the conspiracy community. Facebook Page… Writer’s Website Truthification Chronicles Blog http://TruthificationChronicles.wordp… Twitter @Ergo_Supero Garden Devotions Channel… Topics: Biblical devotions, container gardening, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, how-to crafting, Thrive Life freeze dried foods for long-term food storage. ========================= THREE WAYS TO SUPPORT MY CHANNEL: 1. Become a Patron on Patreon with a monthly pledge.… 2. Make a one-time donation via . 3. Purchase some freeze dried food from my consultant page at . (See videos on the products and recipes on my Garden Devotions YouTube channel.)