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I’ve been writing about the Moon’s Nodes moving onto the Leo/Aquarius, or heart axis, as it will on May 9th UT.
Leo governs affectionate personal relationships. Aquarius governs the bonds between members of a community. Together, Leo and Aquarius govern the full range of affectional relationships.
Clearly, the Leo/Aquarius axis has a close archetypal relationship with Venus and Venus has a close archetypal relationship with the human heart.
Many defective societal patterns, responsible for social injustice and inequity are acknowledged to be very much in need of healing.
My theory is that these objectionable patterns, so much in need of healing, are held in place and preserved by the heart’s deep, hidden attachments. This is true despite the non-stop turbulence caused by the Moon’s Nodes on the Virgo/Pisces axis.
The heart’s invisible attachments – loyalties, traumas and other assorted heart-based emotional ties – its sentimentalities – are probably holding many of these defective patterns in place. They are being held in place unbeknownst to our conscious minds and for reasons that have little to do with anything but obscure feelings and emotionally charged memories.
Cumulatively, these invisible but strong sentiments might be preventing the fundamental societal change that so many seek. They might be preserving many defective societal patterns out of empty sentiment or seemingly shallow and pointless nostalgia, perhaps for an ideal past that never existed. Rational, compassionate concerns, or concerns for justice cannot overcome these attachments.
Many patterns responsible for injustice and inequity are also responsible for maintaining relationship that the heart cherishes. Defective or not, in need of healing or not, in need of rectification or not, these patterns cannot and will not be released until the heart is ready to let them go. The fate of many animals and plants is negatively affective because they are caught up in the working out of patterns born of sentimentality, nostalgia and custom.
The heart’s attachments might not make much sense. It might be attached to patterns that do great harm. The point is that the heart’s attachments are persistent and seemingly immune to many of the forces that produce change in the mind and the world. With so much energy, including the all important energy of the North Node, focused on the heart axis, we are likely to see progress in eliminating or changing patterns that the heart has been holding in place.
Let us also be mindful that according to widely accepted teachings, the heart is widely believed to be a conduit to the soul or our Higher Selves. So, as we speak of the heart’s preferences, we are, in effect, talking about the preferences of the soul, or our Higher Selves.
Taking this a step further, the soul or Higher Self connects us with the Divine. Let’s not mince words. Let us appreciate the full meaning of what we are saying.
In essence, when we say that the North Node’s ingress chart will help reshape the world in accordance with Venusian impulses, we are saying that it will help us reshape the world in accordance with the heart’s preferences. When we say that, we are, in effect, saying that this chart will help us reshape the world in accordance with impulses and desires that originate at the level of the Higher Self, or the Divine.
In recent posts, I have tried to argue, as I just said, that the energetic focus on the Leo/Aquarius axis, the heart axis, will enable long-delayed change.
It will do so by motivating and enabling the heart to finally release attachments buried deep within itself. This concentration of energies will finally motivate and enable the heart to release old preferences and attachments and embrace new ones.
In the process, we are likely to see some long overdue changes. Old and defective patterns will be released and healed or completely replaced, at long last.
The Moon’s Nodes will be on the heart axis for 18 months. That’s enough time for a great deal of long-overdue, much needed and probably unexpected change to take place. It might allow us to overcome the heart’s attachment to unjust and irrational attachments.
I believe we can expect a deep and continuing wave of changes in personal and community relationships. In every area. On every level. Between all kinds of people. In all manner or relationships. This suggests extensive socio-economic change as personal loyalties realign. I think the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress supports that conclusion.
When personal and community relationships change, social, economic and political relationships change. Societies get shaken up at a fundamental level.
Hence, global society should change dramatically during this 18 month transit. I think the world will look very different when this 18 month transit is over.
Given the emphasis on relationships and the heart, I thought it would be helpful to take a look at what we can expect by examining the placement of Venus at the time of the North Node’s Leo ingress. To do that, I examined the so-called Venus persona for the North Node’s Leo ingress.
Hence, below, I will examine the placement of Venus in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart. And I will do that by examining the placement of Venus in in the Venus persona chart of the North Node’s Leo ingress chart. This report, then, is based on the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress chart.
A persona chart reveals the energetic and archetypal dynamic of a chart from the point of view of a particular planetary placement. Basically, you cast the persona chart by progressing the Sun at the time of a given event to the position occupied by the planet whose persona chart you are casting.
Accordingly, the Venus persona chart is cast by progressing the Sun to the position Venus occupied at the time of the North Node’s Leo ingress. This will provide a picture of what Venus will be doing during that transit.
Given the archetypal associations of Venus, the Venus persona chart should tell us a lot about what we can expect from the North Node’s lengthy,18 month, transit of the Leo/Aquarius axis, the heart axis.
Accordingly, this report is based on and is about the Venus persona chart for the moment the North Node crosses onto the Leo/Aquarius axis. In this chart, the Sun is in the spot occupied by Venus at the moment of the North Node’s ingress into Leo.
To my eye, this Venus persona chart indicates a time of intense, continuous, irresistible and radical social, economic, political and cultural change. Sweeping change. And not necessarily peaceful change. I think it also looks like irreversible change. Let me explain these claims.
This Venus placement is not your typical, fluid, soft-edged Venus placement. It has numerous, sharp teeth and volatile, explosive components. Venus is conjunct bitterly combative Eris and explosively transformative Uranus.
This alone points to a time of intense, social, cultural, political and economic change, at the individual and collective levels and in every area of society, on a global scale.
Judging by the Venus persona chart, the Nodes on the Leo/Aquarius axis will bring a dynamic that breaks all defective, unfair, unjust, loveless, fear- and greed- based personal and interpersonal patterns right down to their tiniest powdery bits. In that condition they cannot remain in place. From there, as a practical matter, the defective patterns cannot be easily recreated, let alone reimposed.
Nor will they function as before. Their patterns will be thoroughly shattered. Their power will be effectively destroyed.
The only realistic option will be to assemble new and, ideally, improved patterns, patterns that fulfill the standards represented in this chart. I believe all this is all very apparent from the Venus persona chart for the North Node’s Leo ingress on May 9, 2017, UT.
The placement of Venus in the North Node’s Leo ingress chart clearly and very strongly suggests that Venus and the human heart will be responsible for these deep changes. Venus which normally moves with the subtlety and quiet grace of a cat, is set to strut and charge and roar like a lion. It will rattle the window panes of our lives.
In this Venus persona chart, Venus, makes a sheaf, or bundle, of squares to a planetary grouping that spans the 12th house, the earlier degrees of the ascendant, and the first house. This stellium includes Pluto, Chariklo, Lilith, the Ascendant, Saturn, Mars, Quaoar, Pholus, Vesta, Ixion, and the Galactic Center.
It is true that not all the Venus squares are close. But since the individual bodies in the group are so close together, the Venus squares might as well be close. The group, with loose squares and tight squares will function as a unit. Their effects will bleed profusely into one another until it is impossible to separate or screen out the effects of a given Venus square.
Also, over time, over a period of 18 months, loose or wide aspects will behave like tight, close aspects. We will, in effect, be stuck with the energies produced by all these aspects, close and wide, and their revolutionary, destabilizing effects.
These Venus squares are compounded by the participation of Eris and Uranus. They are ‘hardened,’ on the one hand, by the involvement of Saturn. And made more volatile, on the other hand, and rendered explosive by the involvement of Mars, Saturn and Uranus.
We need to realize, too, that Saturn, Mars, Pluto, and Neptune are the power planets in the dispositor chart of the Venus persona.
This chart also has a decidedly revolutionary edge because of the crucially asteroids. By nature, the asteroidal energies are decidedly Aquarian and, thus, Uranian in nature.
Each of the asteroids does indeed govern some key aspect of social and community value systems. And there are a lot of them – namely, Chariklo, Quaoar, Pholus, Vesta and Ixion – involved in these Venus squares. Venus squares these asteroids, but it is also conjunct Eris which is also heavily involved.
Taken individually, each of these asteroid placements is socially transformative. Taken together, their placements suggest a revolutionary social upheaval.
All told, squaring the asteroids, Venus will bring a jolt of transformational Uranus energy. Conjoining Uranus, simply intensifies and clarifies the revolutionary nature of these energies. Its conjunction with bitterly combative Eris guarantees a fight.
I could go on. Ixion governs the morality and ethics of powerful political figures. Ixion’s presence guarantees a criticism, if not an all out attack, on amoral government leaders at the highest levels. But I think you get the point. No matter where you look in this chart you see powerfully transformative pressures being brought to bear upon and within global societies.
Squares pretty much require a compromise or a complete concession, a dramatic change in any case. Collectively, these Venus squares will almost certainly bring comprehensive and widespread change. The status quo will very likely be changed substantively, if not simply exploded, to satisfy the demands of this bundle of ‘augmented’ highly charged, Venus squares.
Each party affected by each Venus square must yield at least some ground. Depending on the details, they might have to give in altogether.
A Strong Saturn/Pluto influence in the dispositor chart suggests a lot of change, rather than just compromise and adjustment. Saturn/Pluto combinations suggest very high pressure. These Venus squares are not about gentle, gradual pressure. They rather suggest a relentless grinding pressure that crushes and bursts resistance and blockage.
With Pluto and Saturn involved, more definitive, winner-take-all outcomes more than subtle compromises are suggested. The forces at play in this chart could and almost certainly will bring a major historical turning point.
With Mars also strongly placed in the dispositor chart, these conflicts are also likely to be fiery and combative.
Let’s take a closer look at some of the forces at play. They range from the deeply personal and private to the tectonic, mountain building.
In the Venus persona chart, Venus will be square Pluto. Venus and Pluto have to do with friendship and loyalty. This Venus/Pluto square indicates that a power imbalance in a relationship.
Experience teaches us that a power imbalance in a relationship is most likely being abused. So we can envision numberless power imbalances, each essential to the persistence of an unjust situation. The pressures at work in this chart suggest that these numberless unjust arrangements will visibly crack up and breakdown. They will also do so in dramatic fashion.
This infinity of imbalanced personal relationships, each essential to someone’s survival, if not the survival of a whole society, somewhere in the world, must be reset by a negotiated binding compromise between the parties. This compromise will impose a fundamental change and will tend to be permanent. It will also tend to tear the society involved apart.
So we must envision the shifting of countless millions of power imbalances in the numberless relations between the 7 billion+ people on the planet.
At the moment, the world depends on the persistence of these interlocking power imbalances. I have in mind the widespread exploitation of women and children, not to mention the exploitation of animals and the environment.
Were the power imbalances that make all of this exploitation possible to be reset, societies would collapse, or come near to it. The Venus persona chart does actually reveal a fatal threat to these power imbalances. Realistically, a chart that threatens these imbalances also threatens revolutionary levels of global, social, political, economic and cultural change.
This bundle of Venus squares, is saturated with Saturnian, Plutonian and Uranian energies. At very least, it would loosen, soften and seriously destabilize social structures. At worst it would collapse them quickly and completely.
Beyond that, looking into the future. It would prepare the ground for years into the future, setting up decades of revolutionary transformations, huge changes beyond those brought during this 18 month transit. There will very likely be a rolling series of aftershocks following the North Node’s transit of Leo.
The energies of this chart will affect all relationships in all areas of our lives. There will be significant adjustments to the power distribution within all kinds of relationships, in all areas of our life, in all walks of life, everywhere in the world.
All relationships will be affected the way, during an earthquake, every particle of dirt and every grain of sand as well as entire structures are shaken by the movement of the earth’s crust.
The transformative energy of this persona chart ranges from highest to lowest, from the nano- level to the macro- level. And the disturbance it wreaks on normally invisible, imperceptible levels will overflow into every area of our societies.
For example, Venus also squares Chariklo. Chariklo governs our most intimate, delicate and intricate personal boundaries. These would include boundaries that are very real and palpable to us.
However, generally speaking, only our closest and most intimate associates might know about these boundaries. We hide them as completely as possible from the world, lest we be thought of as different, or as weird or insane.
People will become very sensitive to personal boundaries, especially, now, in intimate relationships. This square will most likely raise tensions between romantic partners about boundaries observed, or not observed, and/or abused, in intimate situations. It might also affect our relationships with professionals who, in their work, frequently cross our most intimate boundaries.
This Venus/Chariklo square will send ripples of disquiet through the numberless and varied intimate relationships in the world. These in turn, will most likely overflow and manifest as all manner of social tensions as people seek to compensate for tensions in their intimate lives.
To my eye, the next square in the series, the Venus/Lilith square involves deep sexual tensions of the kind that will deeply transform intimate relationships.
But, energetically, Lilith overflows the mind/body and spirit/matter boundaries. The tensions caused by the Venus squares will literally ‘get under our skin’. They will make us visibly irritable. These irritations will manifest visibly. We will not be able to tolerate, control or conceal how much these imbalances and trespasses bother us.
Shifting preferences, the desire for changes at this level of our relationships will translate into irrepressible tensions that will manifest as tensions between ourselves and our partners.
It will be difficult, for example, to hide or simply ignore the Venus/Pluto tensions or the Venus/Chariklo tensions. We will express our irritation outwardly. We will become intolerant of stimuli or trespasses we would otherwise ignore.
The annoyance caused by power imbalances and hidden, adverse sexual and gender tensions will bubble up and out into our social environment as people cannot help but give voice to their irritations and annoyance.
There is abundant indication in this chart that these tensions will manifest in our external lives. They are unlikely to remain hidden or remain private, spilling over into shared social spaces like the workplace. They will not remain as fleeting, barely and rarely perceived dramas in our private lives.
Several other things about this persona chart work strongly against their going unnoticed.
Outward shows of annoyance and irritation seem all the more likely because Venus, along with Eris and Uranus, also square the Ascendant.
The Venus/Saturn and Venus/Mars squares will intensify and aggravate our irritation and annoyance. It will be all the more obvious and contribute significantly to the negativity in the air over underlying issues.
The Venus/Quaoar square will cause a dramatic shift in the way societies view romantic relationships and the way they regard gender-based customs. People will no longer be bound by age old traditions governing the relationships between romantic partners and close partners generally.
Quaoar governs the creation and maintenance of worldviews. The Venus square to Quaoar will incline us to shift our worldviews in accordance with Venusian impulses. We will actively strive to establish a worldview that more fully and completely accommodates love, or the preferences of the heart and, thus the soul, which is love.
And so on
The Venus/Pholus square will turn the unequal, unfair sharing collective resources into a public irritant and annoyance.
The Venus/Vesta square will turn gender-based hypocrisy in the expression of even our highest ideals
The Venus/Ixion square will expose and make us sensitive to sexual immorality in our leaders.
Finally, Venus will square the Galactic Center. If, as many of us do, one believes that the Universe is an expression of Divine love on a cosmic scale, then we must regard the Galactic center as a font of cosmic love.
Venus square the Galactic Center will invite frequent comparisons and contrasts between our understanding of Divine Love and the way love is expressed in our global culture. This aspect, when combined with all the other other influences discussed in this report, bespeaks a global philosophical and religious crisis.

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