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World’s Largest Animal Study On Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link

GreenMedInfo World’s Largest Animal Study On Cell Tower Radiation Confirms Cancer Link April 9th 2018 By: GMI Reporter Scientists call on the World Health Organization International Agency for Research on Cancer to re-evaluate the carcinogenicity of cell phone radiation after the Ramazzini Institute and US government studies report finding the same unusual cancers Listen to to the March 22, 2018 press conference below. Link to the Ramazzini Institute Study Question and Answer on the Ramazzini Study  One page Comparison of the Ramazzini Institute Study and the US National Toxicology Program Study  This press release is reproduced with the permission of Environmental...

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Ways To Reduce The Cancer-Causing Effects of Cell Phones

GreenMedInfo Ways To Reduce The Cancer-Causing Effects of Cell Phones May 19th 2012 By: Sayer Ji, Founder Ever since the World Health Organization admitted in 2011 that cell phone radiation is “possibly carcinogenic,” and may be contributing to the global uptick in brain cancer cases, it’s far harder to label someone a hypochondriac for being concerned about the health consequences of exposure.[i]  In fact, one study cited in their report showed a 40% increased risk for gliomas in the highest category of heavy users (reported average: 30 minutes per day over a 10-year period) – not exactly a small effect. A...

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Collective Evolution The following article comes from L. Grace Christian (, a medical intuitive and ‘targeted individual’ I have interviewed and been in regular communication with since the publication of my article, “US Government Accidentally Releases Electromagnetic Mind Control Documents In FOIA Request.” I have edited the information she has provided but in essence these are her words, representing her struggles and triumphs in dealing with the devastating effects of ‘gangstalking’ and directed energy weapons.  First, I want to acknowledge and honor all the individuals enduring the ongoing torture of being a ‘targeted individual,’ especially those who have experienced it for many...

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The UN Is Behind the Deadly 5G Rollout In America

RiseEarth The UN Is Behind the Deadly 5G Rollout In America by Dave Hodges; The Common Sense Show Sometimes we seem to live in a universe of sychronicity. On the very day, when I interviewed Virginia Farver, on The Common Sense Show, Natural News published a report about a large Italian study which conclusively proves the line between cell towers and cell phone usage and brain cancer. Before I report on the stunning revelations made by Virginia Farver, let’s explore the revelations of this landmark Italian study as reported on Natural News: The world’s biggest animal study of cell tower radiation,...

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How to Protect Your Electromagnetic Health

TheEventChronicle How to Protect Your Electromagnetic Health May 8, 2018  By Geoff Byrd No matter how many billions are spent keeping this information FROM you by the telecom companies, the truth remains, wireless technology is killing you slowly while jamming your thoughts and even breaking your DNA for generations to come; negatively affecting your life on a cellular level. No matter how much you don’t want this to be true, it IS the truth. I do not enjoy being the messenger of this information. I get blank stares, laughs, gas-lighting, sarcasm, indifference and even anger just from speaking this simple...

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SGT Report with Deborah Tavares: 5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program [VIDEO]

SGTReport BREAKING: 5G is a Sterilization & Eugenics Program May 7, 2018 Deborah Tavares from joins me for this emergency broadcast recorded tonight May 7, 2018. It is now overwhelmingly obvious that the 5G rollout is a Biometric weapons system and a mass sterilization and eugenics program. Please folks, stand up and DO something about it NOW. Executive Order 13821 of January 8, 2018: Streamlining and Expediting Requests To Locate Broadband Facilities in Rural America… Barrie Trower On 5G Microwaves ; There is No safe Place, No Where To Go… Apple 666, Artemis, iPads...

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EMFs And RFRs Finally Taken To Court, In Canada That Is

Natural Blaze By Catherine J. Frompovich  Listen to Article A Class Action was filed in Superior Court, Province of Quebec, District of Montreal, Canada, Case No. 500-06-000760-153 against 50 Respondents including the Attorneys General of Quebec and Canada, the City of Sainte-Anne-Des-Lacs, Hydro-Quebec, and approximately 40 corporations involved in the manufacture, production, servicing and transmission of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs) and Radiofrequencies (RFRs), for their contributory roles in the transmissions, products and services that emit in excess of one milliGauss of magnetic field, 0.6 V/m of electric field, or 0.1 microWatt per square centimeter of microwave power density for general populations in uncontrolled environments; or...

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Tips for surviving GMOs and 5G [VIDEO]

AmericanIntelligenceMedia Tips for surviving GMOs and 5G May 4, 2018 Betsy and Thomas get many questions about the protocols they use. This short audio is a way to provide you these links on our YouTube channel. We have several articles on 5g. Here is a good one to get started:… This is an audio that we did on shungite and 5G:… To learn about Paul’s devices for EMF and 5G protection see: To access the ASCEND diet: Here is our self-assessment symptom list: This is our special formula enzyme called Vibes: Of course...

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Sarah Westall: Is C60 Safe? A 5G Remedy? Ken “the Scientist” Clears the Record [VIDEO]

SarahWestall Is C60 Safe? A 5G Remedy? Ken “the Scientist” Clears the Record May 2, 2018 Link to Bible Health Secrets FREE (starting May 1)… Ken, “the Scientist” from Purple Power, rejoins the program to discuss the growing opposition to C60 and to clear the record on it’s safety. He explains that none of the studies claiming harm are legitimate studies. He explains 2 higher profile claims and why they are false and inaccurate. He also explains some of the amazing results C60 has had with great success. Next we dive into 5G and how that specifically damages...

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Regina Meredith with David Icke: Humanity is Rising Above the Dark Forces [VIDEO]

ReginaMeredith Humanity is Rising Above the Dark Forces, with David Icke, Author & Speaker Apr 21, 2018 David Icke is considered the grandfather of Conspiracy Theory. But when you consider that the charges of abuse he has leveled against the Power Elite over the past 3 decades have been proven correct, then we need to begin looking at the term Conspiracy Theory for more of what it is – Unspeakable Truths. In my conversation with David we go deep into the subject of how our societies, governments, economic institutions and media have been hijacked by the Power Elite. With...

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#MAYDAY Q: EAGER LION 18 US/Jordan Brings the Booo_m #FEARTHIS [VIDEO]

YouAreFreeTV #MAYDAY Q: EAGER LION 18 US/Jordan Brings the Booo_m #FEARTHIS May 1, 2018 Mayday! Mayday! Iran says they will retaliate and Q elaborates on the Sum of All Fears plot currently being dismantled by the Trump Team. Blog with links:… Thanks so much for supporting You Are Free TV!! To donate: To become a patron: Https:// PayPal: Crypto: Bitcoin: 1K2mQ5S6na5k5QGPS2Hve7pMMUNrxsRqJQ BCH: 18hNpMyVsj37CBiHuRMD6cCL9Gr5dNU2e8 Ether: 0x7DF493B943520e28aC5f93737b6Cbf27A1C01a79 YOU Are Free and Indispensable to this Great Awakening!...

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Thanks Rebecca! Raji Nevin-Facebook Group-Stop Smart Meters in Georgia-March 27, 2018-Media Blackout on Successful Efforts to Stop 5G Wifi  I bring you some fantastic news regarding 5G in New York state. This message applies to you even if you do not live in NY as the Telecom Industry is pulling the same crap in every state. We New Yorkers have succeeded in overcoming the Telecom Industry (hip, hip, hooray!) and 5G will not (for now anyway) be forced upon us without zoning boards and town boards being involved in the decision. The New York State Budget passed late last...

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New cellphone study stuns scientists – completely defies expectations

HealthNutNews New cellphone study stuns scientists – completely defies expectations By Erin Elizabeth – April 10, 2018 By Dr. Mercola In 2011 the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) classified cellphones as a Group 2B “possible carcinogen,” and the evidence supporting the theory that electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation from cellphones can trigger abnormal cell growth and cancer just keeps growing and getting stronger. In February, the findings of two government-funded animal studies were published. Curiously enough, the published interpretation of this $25 million research (conducted by the National Toxicology Program (NTP), an interagency research program currently under the auspices of the National Institute of Environmental Health...

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You Are Free TV with Alfred Lambremont Weber: #DEFEATDEW: Statute To Ban Directed Energy Weapons #STOP5G #LOUCHE [VIDEO]

YouAreFreeTV #DEFEATDEW: Statute To Ban Directed Energy Weapons #STOP5G #LOUCHE Apr 16, 2018 A joint task force of whistle-blower scientists, journalists and experts in international law and justice have united to fight the deployment of Directed Energy Weapons. In this interview with Alfred Lambremont Webre, author of EXOPOLITICS and consultant to the Carter administration regarding extraterrestrial communication, YAFTV shares important information on how we can help defeat the deployment of DEW weapons/5G by supporting the WORLD TREATY CONFERENCE TO BAN NEURO-TECH AND DEW WEAPONS. Please learn more about the Statute and the World Treaty Conference: For more information...

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Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, Inc.   To:                     All Media For release:       Wednesday, April 22, 2018-Earth Day 2018 Press Release: Demand:   Radio Program:   Contact: James Robert Deal by calling 425-771-1110 or by emailing regarding legal issues.   Contact: Bill Bathgate, electrical engineer, holder of government security clearance. Call Bill at 256-570-5434 regarding electrical and microwave issues.   Contact: Sam Milham, MD, medical researcher, author of Dirty Electricity, Call Sam at 360-866-0256 regarding proven harms caused by electromagnetic radiation. Read the full Demand...

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Citizens Up in Arms Against 5G Wireless Technology Roll-Out: Are Their Concerns Justified?

GreenMedInfo Citizens Up in Arms Against 5G Wireless Technology Roll-Out: Are Their Concerns Justified? March 27th 2018 By: Lloyd Burrell City council chambers and local officials in the US are facing the outcry of residents frightened by the next generation 5G wireless communications which by all accounts, will be taking over neighborhoods soon. A resident in Montgomery County, Maryland raised her voice to ask local officials “Why can’t we do a real health assessment here and find out what the real health risks are — to our children?” at a public meeting held at the county [9]. What are the risks? More to the...

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