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Research Shows Google’s Search Manipulations Tried To Rig Election For Hillary

SHTFPlan Research Shows Google’s Search Manipulations Tried To Rig Election For Hillary Mac Slavo April 25th, 2018 New research shows just how much Google’s search manipulation affects voters when making decisions. During the 2016 election, it was obvious that Google manipulated searches to favor Hillary Clinton while showing disproportionately negative stories about Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders. And now we know just how effective all that had been, and it almost left us with Hillary as president. Hillary Clinton may have lost by a substantially larger margin had Google not manipulated the search results in her favor. Even trending...

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Inside Bordoll, a German sex-doll brothel in Dortmund

DW Down a dead-end street in a quiet neighborhood south of Dortmund’s city center stands Germany’s first sex doll brothel. For €80 ($97) an hour, customers can take one of 12 silicone dolls, including one male doll and a model with both breasts and a penis, into a tidy room to fulfill their sexual desires. Evelyn Schwarz, 30, is the founder and owner of Bordoll, which is also a brothel and a studio for bondage, dominance, sadism and masochism (BDSM). A BDSM mistress, Schwarz opened Bordoll last year, after she struggled to find German-speaking women to work in the...

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Scientist Believes the Human Microchip Will Become “Not Optional”

Hidden Truth Mag Technologies designed specifically to track and monitor human beings have been in development for at least two decades. In the virtual realm, software programs are now capable of watching us in real time, going so far as to make predictions about our future behaviors and sending alerts to the appropriate monitoring station depending on how a computer algorithm flags your activities. That is in and of itself a scary proposition. What may be even scarier, however, is what’s happening in the physical realm. According to researches working on human-embedded microchips it’s only a matter of time...

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Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Foe Or Another Biblical “Tower of Babel-Like” Event In-The-Making?

ActivistPost Artificial Intelligence: Friend, Foe Or Another Biblical “Tower of Babel-Like” Event In-The-Making? APRIL 8, 2018 By Catherine J. Frompovich Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next, and possibly the last, technology advancement being forced upon all third dimension and Planet Earth systems by controllers who, apparently, have been acolytes of such ‘upgrades’ to humankind in previously historically documented and undocumented periods—some of which have been written about in ancient documents.   If one is familiar with Metaphysics, one probably knows what I’m referring to. Humans have been evolving on Planet Earth via various ‘alliterations’ of the genus “Homo” possibly for hundreds of thousands...

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New U.S. net neutrality rules come into effect today Net neutrality in the United States is officially over, as of today. In December, the Federal Communications Commission voted to change Obama-era rules that governed how major telecommunications companies treat data over the internet. That ruling comes into effect as of this morning. Under the old rules, companies were largely forbidden from blocking, slowing down or otherwise preferring certain types of internet data over others, such as offering certain companies so-called fast lanes if they are willing to have their data prioritized. How new net neutrality rules in the U.S. could impact Canada FAQ on net neutrality But in a...

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Of Two Minds – Connecting the Dots of Big Data, Soaring Corporate Profits and Trade Wars

Charles Hugh Smith It’s self-evident that we cannot possibly understand trade, soaring corporate profits, Facebook’s data collection or the economy without understanding the core role played by Big Data in reaping outsized profits and pushing narratives. Let’s connect the dots between these two comments from longtime correspondents: the first is on the model of collecting and selling data (Big Data), and the second on trade: GFB: “If I had a lot of money, would I want to do: A) –invest in the exploration forbidding areas of the globe for oil reserves with a 50/50 chance of no results –negotiate leases...

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Collective Evolution Samsung’s Swedish site recently revealed a new program that offers hypnosis so that you can erase your memories and re-watch your favourite shows for the first time. The program is called Unspoil Me and it’s comprised of 23 minutes of swirling patterns, mesmerizing music and a hypnotherapist directing your thoughts and attention in order to erase your memory. Now, here’s the kicker, this is not a joke. This is totally real, and the implications of what this technology can do are concerning. We can only hope that people will not fall for this and that maybe tv shows are...

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FCC Filings Reveal Facebook’s Mysterious Drone Test Above The Skies Of New Mexico

Zero Hedge Fcl Tech, Inc., which also operates under the name Facebook Connectivity Lab, is secretly testing experimental wireless devices — mounted onto an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), i.e. drones, above the skies of the New Mexican desert, according to the latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Application for Special Temporary Authority. Business Insider highlights the FCC filing, which show that FCL Tech Inc. — a Facebook subsidiary that develops aerospace and communication technologies, including high-altitude long-endurance drones aimed at providing internet access in the emerging growth world — was recently cleared by the Federal Government to conduct three months of tests...

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Coalition Against Smart Meters and 5G, Inc.   To:                     All Media For release:       Wednesday, April 22, 2018-Earth Day 2018 Press Release: Demand:   Radio Program:   Contact: James Robert Deal by calling 425-771-1110 or by emailing regarding legal issues.   Contact: Bill Bathgate, electrical engineer, holder of government security clearance. Call Bill at 256-570-5434 regarding electrical and microwave issues.   Contact: Sam Milham, MD, medical researcher, author of Dirty Electricity, Call Sam at 360-866-0256 regarding proven harms caused by electromagnetic radiation. Read the full Demand...

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Facebook Facial Recognition Tool Faces Class Action Suit Over Biometric Data [VIDEO]

DAHBOO777 Published on Apr 17, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 198K Facebook’s misuse of their users’ biometric information could potentially amount to billions of dollars in damages after a federal judge greenlighted an Illinois class action suit against the firm’s facial recognition feature. Facebook violated an Illinois state law by improperly using their photo-scanning and facial recognition technologies and storing biometric data without their users’ consent, a federal judge in California ruled on Monday, after reviewing a 2015 claim made against Facebook by three Illinois plaintiffs. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Btc- 1Nmcbook8TwAdtZHsMdVxRtjBnyrSArDH5 My Other...

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World’s Most Valuable AI Startup Also Happens To Be Part of “the World’s Biggest System of Surveillance”

Futurism Here’s a group of people that just made more money than you’ve ever seen: Chinese company SenseTime recently announced that it raised $600 million in a recent fundraising round, doubling the company’s valuation, Bloomberg reports. It’s probably not a coincidence that the company also makes a tool that will help the government spy on its citizens. Yes, SenseTime specializes in facial recognition software, the kind that catches (then fines) citizens for jaywalking. In just three years, the company has apparently become extremely successful: “If you’ve ever been photographed with a Chinese-made phone or walked the streets of a Chinese city, chances...

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Ascension Glossary – Nanotechnology

Ascension Glossary Nanotechnology (“nanotech”) is the manipulation of matter on an atomic, molecular, and supramolecular scale.[1] Nanotechnology has many applications being tested covertly and used to control the human population in psychotronic warfare or Mind Control methods and also to track down people and to know what they are thinking. This is a type of military alien technology used for artificial intelligence networks for Brain Mapping. Nanotechnology weapons such as Morgellons are self replicating hollow fibers that are designed to read out the light finger print code of the DNA of the person infected with the Alien Implants technology and transform it to a signal that...

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Our Dental Insurance Sent us “Free” Internet-Connected Toothbrushes. And this is What Happened Next

Thanks Rebecca! Wolf Street When the product is “free,” WE are the product. Last December, we changed dental insurance. The new insurer included in its offering a set of “free” electric toothbrushes, the vibrating “sonic” kind called evocatively “Beam Brush.” One for each of us. My wife chose the colors when she ordered the brushes, as you will notice in a moment. Electric toothbrushes are nothing new. We had one at home when I was a teen. What’s new is this: They’re “free” They’re connected to the Internet of Things, via Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. The...

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CollectiveEvolution SCIENTIST SAYS RFID WON’T BE OPTIONAL & MAY CHANGE THE ESSENCE OF WHAT IT MEANS TO BE HUMAN ARJUN WALIA MARCH 30, 2018 As the world continues to advance technologically, so do more initiatives that encroach on our basic human rights. It seems we’re on our way to becoming a card-less, cashless society. Remember when our credit and debit cards didn’t have a chip, and we had to sign for our purchases?  Well, they got a chip, and the next step might be a chip inside of our body, and not inside of the card. In fact, microchip...

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19 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Strangely Couldn’t Answer During His Senate Hearing

TheFreeThoughtProject 19 Questions Mark Zuckerberg Strangely Couldn’t Answer During His Senate Hearing Here are all the questions Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg backed out of or couldn’t answer during his Senate hearing this week. By Jay Syrmopoulos  – April 11, 2018 Washington, D.C. – Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg looked uneasy as he gave testimony for five hours on Tuesday before 44 U.S. Senators. Wednesday, he appeared before before 55 members of the House of Representative regarding the role of Facebook and to how the company can address consumer data-privacy concerns in the wake of the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica scandal. The New York...

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A New AI “Journalist” Is Rewriting the News to Remove Bias

Futurism Want your news delivered with the icy indifference of a literal robot? You might want to bookmark the newly launched site Knowhere News. Knowhere is a startup that combines machine learning technologies and human journalists to deliver the facts on popular news stories. Here’s how it works. First, the site’s artificial intelligence (AI) chooses a story based on what’s popular on the internet right now. Once it picks a topic, it looks at more than a thousand news sources to gather details. Left-leaning sites, right-leaning sites – the AI looks at them all. Then, the AI writes its own “impartial”...

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As Banks Embrace Biometric Tracking of Customers, Cybertheft Explodes in Mexico

Wolf Street With impeccable timing. By Don Quijones, Spain, UK, & Mexico, editor at WOLF STREET. Criminal organizations in Mexico have branched out into a lucrative new market and revenue stream: big data. They have developed innovative practices to obtain sensitive user information by lifting data from the databases of government agencies such as Condusef, Consar and Buró de Crédito. They call bank customers and spoof on the caller ID screen the phone number of the bank they claim to represent. To gain the target’s trust, they give the credit card security code to the target and ask if it matches...

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