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Collective Evolution Samsung’s Swedish site recently revealed a new program that offers hypnosis so that you can erase your memories and re-watch your favourite shows for the first time. The program is called Unspoil Me and it’s comprised of 23 minutes of swirling patterns, mesmerizing music and a hypnotherapist directing your thoughts and attention in order to erase your memory. Now, here’s the kicker, this is not a joke. This is totally real, and the implications of what this technology can do are concerning. We can only hope that people will not fall for this and that maybe tv shows are...

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FCC Filings Reveal Facebook’s Mysterious Drone Test Above The Skies Of New Mexico

Zero Hedge Fcl Tech, Inc., which also operates under the name Facebook Connectivity Lab, is secretly testing experimental wireless devices — mounted onto an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), i.e. drones, above the skies of the New Mexican desert, according to the latest Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Application for Special Temporary Authority. Business Insider highlights the FCC filing, which show that FCL Tech Inc. — a Facebook subsidiary that develops aerospace and communication technologies, including high-altitude long-endurance drones aimed at providing internet access in the emerging growth world — was recently cleared by the Federal Government to conduct three months of tests...

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The Last American Vagabond This doesn’t bode well for Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and what remains of his tattered credibility. After Zuck suggested (but stopping short of promising) during testimony before Congress last week that he would treat all Facebook users’ data as if it fell under the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation, Reuters and the Guardian are reporting that Facebook has quietly moved the data of more than 1.5 billion users out of reach of European privacy law by transferring it from the company’s European headquarters in Ireland to its global headquarters in California. Here’s the Guardian: In a tweak to its...

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Blacklisted News In the ocean ecosystem, plankton is the raw material that fuels an entire food chain. These tiny organisms on their own aren’t that remarkable, but en masse, they have a huge impact on the world. Here on dry land, Visual Capitalist’s Nick Routley notes that the massive volume of content and meta data we produce fuels a marketing research industry that is worth nearly $50 billion. Every instant message, page click, and step you take now produces a data point that can be used to build a detailed profile of who you are. Courtesy of: Visual Capitalist EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE,...

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Facebook Facial Recognition Tool Faces Class Action Suit Over Biometric Data [VIDEO]

DAHBOO777 Published on Apr 17, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 198K Facebook’s misuse of their users’ biometric information could potentially amount to billions of dollars in damages after a federal judge greenlighted an Illinois class action suit against the firm’s facial recognition feature. Facebook violated an Illinois state law by improperly using their photo-scanning and facial recognition technologies and storing biometric data without their users’ consent, a federal judge in California ruled on Monday, after reviewing a 2015 claim made against Facebook by three Illinois plaintiffs. Learn More:… Your Support of Independent Media Is Appreciated: Btc- 1Nmcbook8TwAdtZHsMdVxRtjBnyrSArDH5 My Other...

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Children of the Congo who risk their lives to supply our mobile phones

The Guardian In unsafe mines deep underground in eastern Congo, children are working to extract minerals essential for the electronics industry. The profits from the minerals finance the bloodiest conflict since the second world war; the war has lasted nearly 20 years and has recently flared up again. In that same 20-year period, the concept of corporate social responsibility in the west has evolved from companies giving employees a gym and having some photo opportunities for the chief executive, to addressing human rights throughout the supply chain, yet ICT companies such as Nokia, Samsung, HTC and Apple still cannot guarantee...

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California Bill to Require “Fact Checking” on Social Media [VIDEO]

Holly Seeliger’s Zoon Politikon Published on Apr 16, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 8K… or support me on Paypal via my email “” Holly Seeliger P.O. Box 5185 Portland, ME 04101 Twitter @HollySeeliger……………… Any person who operates a social media Internet Web site with physical presence in California shall develop a strategic plan to verify news stories shared on its Internet Web site. (b) The strategic plan shall include, but is not limited to, all of the following: (1) A plan to mitigate the spread of false information through news stories. (2) The...

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World’s Most Valuable AI Startup Also Happens To Be Part of “the World’s Biggest System of Surveillance”

Futurism Here’s a group of people that just made more money than you’ve ever seen: Chinese company SenseTime recently announced that it raised $600 million in a recent fundraising round, doubling the company’s valuation, Bloomberg reports. It’s probably not a coincidence that the company also makes a tool that will help the government spy on its citizens. Yes, SenseTime specializes in facial recognition software, the kind that catches (then fines) citizens for jaywalking. In just three years, the company has apparently become extremely successful: “If you’ve ever been photographed with a Chinese-made phone or walked the streets of a Chinese city, chances...

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Court Orders Google to Remove Results for Man’s Criminal Record Under “Right to be Forgotten”

Futurism Today, Google was legally required to hide someone from an online search. A British judge ordered the company to remove search results that referenced a man’s criminal conviction from ten years ago. The legal basis for this ruling? The Right to be Forgotten, which allows people to request that outdated and irrelevant information about them be taken down. It’s explicitly laid out in the EU General Data Protection Regulation, a new set of laws designed to give European citizens more data privacy, which will be enforced in May (the United Kingdom will comply, despite Brexit). Google and the unnamed man first faced off...

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Our Dental Insurance Sent us “Free” Internet-Connected Toothbrushes. And this is What Happened Next

Thanks Rebecca! Wolf Street When the product is “free,” WE are the product. Last December, we changed dental insurance. The new insurer included in its offering a set of “free” electric toothbrushes, the vibrating “sonic” kind called evocatively “Beam Brush.” One for each of us. My wife chose the colors when she ordered the brushes, as you will notice in a moment. Electric toothbrushes are nothing new. We had one at home when I was a teen. What’s new is this: They’re “free” They’re connected to the Internet of Things, via Bluetooth and an app on your smartphone. The...

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Facebook censorship: the grotesque mainstream solution

Jon Rappoport’s Blog by Jon Rappoport April 11, 2018 The problem with Facebook started a long time ago. They used their money to promote their social media operations, and tons of users jumped on board, believing that conventional rules of free speech applied. That was a mistake. The mistake was on the level of believing the military-industrial complex is only interested in legitimate defense of the nation; or believing the pharmaceutical industry is only interested in alleviating existing illness with safe drugs. Some lawyers and scholars are trying to “correct” Facebook. But beware: most of them are arguing that,...

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Social Media Alternatives: Steemit and DTube with Dan Dicks [VIDEO]

corbettreport Published on Apr 11, 2018 SUBSCRIBED 250K SHOW NOTES AND MP3 AUDIO: In this inaugural edition of the Social Media Alternatives series we talk to Dan Dicks of Press For Truth about how Steemit and DTube are helping independent media fund their journalism in this age of GooTube demonetization, Facebook censorship and Twitter...

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Watch Live: Zuckerberg Faces House Commerce Committee In 2nd Day Of Testimony

Zero Hedge 0 SHARES Mark Zuckerberg helped trigger a vicious short-squeeze in Facebook shares on Tuesday during his marathon session answering questions from 44 Senators during a joint hearing held by the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees. Now, he’s gearing up for a second day of testimony on Wednesday – this time before the House. Answering questions ranging from whether Facebook should have a mandatory “opt-in” for minors when it comes to data sharing to whether he believes Facebook is a monopoly, Zuckerberg’s uncharacteristic poise under fire apparently helped reassure investors, even after he admitted in his prepared remarks that reforms being undertaken by Facebook could significantly affect its bottom line. Watch the hearing below: If yesterday’s hearing was relatively lacking in drama, expect today’s round of questioning to be even more of a lazy boat ride: As we’ve previously pointed out, since 2007, the social media giant has contributed a cumulative $381,000 to 46 of the 55 members of the House committee. Furthermore, several powerful Democratic leaders – including Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi – have substantial holdings of FB stock. Meanwhile, photographs of notes that Zuck left on his desk during a brief break showed what he was planning to say if asked about several key topics, if asked. Of course, nobody asked yesterday one question that we feel is of paramount importance. And that question is…why did you sell your stock: The hearing is set to begin...

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Everything You Need to Know From Mark Zuckerberg’s Congressional Testimony: Day 1

Futurism You’ve heard the rumblings over the years: Might Mark Zuckerberg make it to Washington? We’re pretty sure this isn’t the type of visit he had in mind. In the wake of Facebook’s involvement in the data-sharing scandal, Zuckerberg testified today before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary Committee and the Senate Commerce, Science, and Transportation Committee (at 10:00 ET tomorrow morning, he’ll be in the hot seat again, this time before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce). Zuckerberg already shared his written testimony, but during today’s live-streamed hearing, 44 Senators had five minutes each to ask him questions directly. The...

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Wired THE DATA CONSULTING firm Cambridge Analytica, which harvested as many as 87 million Facebook users’ personal data, also could have accessed the private inbox messages of some of those affected. Facebook slipped this previously undisclosed detail into the notifications that began appearing at the top of News Feeds on Monday. These alerts let users know whether they or their friends had downloaded a personality quiz app called This Is Your Digital Life, which would have caused their data to be collected and passed on to Cambridge Analytica. Facebook buried the disclosure in the details about what information was compromised: “A small number...

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Jon Rappoport – Astonishing California bill would shut down free speech, require fact-checkers

Jon Rappoport Astonishing California bill would shut down free speech, require fact-checkers by Jon Rappoport April 9, 2018 California used to be trumpeted as the cutting edge of American culture. It still is, except the culture is now all about censoring free speech. California Senator Richard Pan, who was behind the infamous 2015 law mandating vaccinations for schoolchildren (SB277), has stepped up to the plate and introduced another bill. This one would clamp down on criticism of ANY Official Story. The bill is titled “SB1424 Internet: social media: false information: strategic plan.” It targets social media based in California. But as you...

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Apple Co-Founder Deletes His Facebook Page

Zero Hedge Elon Musk isn’t the only Silicon Valley luminary to delete Facebook pages (or rather, the pages belonging to Tesla and SpaceX) in response to the widening scandal over how Facebook stores, shares,  leverages and sells its users’ personal data: on Sunday, Woz also deactivated his account saying the social network had brought him “more negatives than positives.” “I am in the process of leaving Facebook. It’s brought me more negatives than positives. Apple has more secure ways to share things about yourself. I can still deal with old school email and text messages.” Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak explained his...

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