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Alaska Politicians Disobey the Feds and Pass Law to Grow Commercial Hemp

The Free Thought Project Alaska is one step away from becoming the latest state to fight back against the federal government’s “War on Nature” after a bill to legalize the production of industrial hemp passed the state House and Senate and is now awaiting the governor’s approval. Residents are hopeful that Gov. Bill Walker will sign Senate Bill 6 into law, which would legalize the regulation and production of industrial hemp, and provide for hemp pilot programs. It would also separate hemp from the definition of “marijuana,” and clarify the fact that adding industrial hemp to food does not create an...

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Keshe Technology 2018 Update: The Positive Results Continue to Pour In

Starship Earth: The Big Picture It’s been about three months or more, I think, since we began using our “smart water” from the Energizer and Alkalizer pitcher and Dr. Presser continues to forward many positive testimonials from folks using various Keshe Foundation products so I’m doing an update to cover all of that. At the end I included some background on Dr. Presser for those who are not familiar with him. I have known Richard a long time and worked with him and vouch for his character and knowledge base, for what that’s worth. Several Starship Earth readers have...

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Smart meters can overbill by 582%

Boing Boing A team from the University of Twente and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences have published a paper demonstrating gross overbillings by smart energy meters, ranging from -32% to +582% of actual power consumption. Ironically, the overbilling is largely an artifact of power-saving features, which introduce line-noise that confuses the meters. Overall, five of the nine smart meters gave out readings much higher than the actual amount of power consumed, while two gave lower readings. The greatest inaccuracies were seen when researchers combined dimmers with energy saving light bulbs and LED bulbs. After finishing their lab experiment, researchers dismantled...

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CollectiveEvolution A MAN WHO INVENTED A REAL “FREE-ENERGY” MACHINE JUST PASSED AWAY (VIDEO OF MACHINE IN ARTICLE) ARJUN WALIA JANUARY 18, 2018 “No point is more central than this, that space is not empty, it is the seat of the most violent physics.” – John Wheeler To begin with, “free energy” refers to the idea of a system that can generate power by taking energy from a limitless source. A power generated free from the constraints of oil, solar, and wind, but can actually continue to produce energy for twenty four hours, seven days a week, for an infinite amount of...

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Tesla’s enormous battery in Australia is responding to outages in record time

LA Times Less than a month after Tesla Inc. unveiled a new backup power system in South Australia, the world’s largest lithium-ion battery is already being put to the test. It appears to be far exceeding expectations. In the last three weeks alone, the Hornsdale Power Reserve has smoothed out at least two major energy outages, responding even more quickly than the coal-fired backups that were supposed to provide emergency power. Tesla’s battery last week kicked in just 0.14 seconds after one of Australia’s biggest plants, the Loy Yang facility in the neighboring state of Victoria, suffered a sudden,...

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Letter to the Ben Fulford – Experimental Quantum Anti-Gravity Successfully Replicated

BenjaminFulford Letter to the Editor – Experimental Quantum Anti-Gravity Successfully Replicated By Benjamin Fulford White Dragon Society  5 Comments Hello, and warm greetings.                         I would like to let you know that my anti-gravity experiments  have been successfully replicated by the Aerospace Engineering   Department at the New Sciences & Technologies Faculty  of the University of Tehran in the Islamic Republic of Iran.        I have developed complete quantum anti-gravity hypothesis,   which makes direct testable predictions that are simple,  clear, easy, and inexpensive.                                    As you know, present day quantum gravity theories  suffer from too many mathematical space dimensions, and from too few conclusive experimental results.My hypothesis is simple, clear, and subject to easy empirical verification.I offer clear explanation of the...

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Trump To Answer Industrial Hemp Petition

Marijuana Moment The Trump administration is expected to finally answer a petition on industrial hemp that garnered enough support to warrant an official response back in February. “Industrial hemp was once a dominant crop on the American landscape. This hardy and renewable resource was refined for various industrial applications, including paper, textiles, and cordage,” reads the petition submitted by Eric Steenstra, president of Vote Hemp. “We request that President Trump work with Congress to pass hemp legislation in 2017.” Earlier this year the hemp petition earned more than 115,00 signatures on the federal government’s We The People site. But even though...

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Walmart says it’s preordered 15 of Tesla’s new semi trucks

The Verge Hot on the heels of Tesla’s big event last night, Walmart says it has preordered 15 of the electric automaker’s new semi trucks, according to CNBC. The deal was likely in the works before Tesla unveiled its new truck to the public, but interest from the world’s biggest retailer in battery-powered transport is still a huge boost of confidence for Elon Musk and his mission to electrify the industry. Update: Wal-Mart says it’s preordered 15 of Tesla’s new electric tractor trailers — CNBC (@CNBC) November 17, 2017 The pilot is planned for the US and Canada. Five of the preordered...

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Biodiesel Made From Waste Oil Makes Debut in China’s Market

Sputnik News Biodiesel fuel made from recycled gutter oil is now up for sale at a gas station operated by oil company Sinopec in Shanghai. The company plans to further expand biodiesel production and sales. Twenty sanitary vehicles filled with biodiesel produced from gutter oil were brought Tuesday to a gas station in Fengxian district that has two biodiesel oil tanks. The fuel is being sold at 5.72 yuan ($0.86) per a liter, compared to 6.02 ($0.9) for standard diesel. Sinopec is now preparing to launch the sale of recycled waste fuel at another gas station in Pudong district. The move has marked the debut of biofuel made from grease trap oil and...

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Water-Powered Car Inventor Dies in A Restaurant Screaming ‘They Poisoned Me’

HumansAreFree Water-Powered Car Inventor Dies in A Restaurant Screaming ‘They Poisoned Me’ Did you know that water-powered cars have existed for years? If you didn’t, it’s probably because they haven’t been given proper media coverage. What’s even odder, their inventors were either intimidated into ceasing their work, or died under mysterious circumstances. Among the latter was Stanley Meyer, a US inventor who designed a water fuel device, claiming that any car fitted with it could run purely on water. It was believed that this vehicle could run across the USA on 22 gallons of water. Meyer specifically emphasized that...

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FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Rob Potter : ET Contact, Valient Thor, Dr. Fred Bell [AUDIO]

FadeToBlack Ep. 690 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Rob Potter : ET Contact, Valient Thor, Dr. Fred Bell : LIVE Published on Jul 19, 2017 Rob Potter has been researching healing and consciousness for over 40 years. He has given seminars all over the world including Egypt, Canada, Europe and USA and he hosts a weekly radio show on Pyramid One Radio called “The Victory of Light” He has been experiencing UFO contacts since 1975. He was ordained into the Royal Order of Melchizadech through the Venusian Commander Valiant Thor. Rob also was very close to Dr Frank...

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Solar power has now become the cheapest way to produce electricity

New Paradigm –by JD Heyes The technology has been around for decades but because it was so expensive to produce and maintain, and because it was unreliable and short-lived, the use of solar panels to generate electricity on a large scale was not economically feasible. But it appears as though the time for affordable, widespread solar power has come. As reported by True Activist, new data from Bloomberg New Energy Finance that was released before Christmas indicates that solar power has now become a cheaper form of energy than wind power, while also out-competing coal and natural gas for the very first time. Now, with solar...

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Queensland researchers work on ‘smart window’ technology that cuts power bills PHOTO: Professor Huijun Zhang and PhD student Sean Lowe are using to robots to construct the smart window technology. (ABC News: Timothy Swanston) Gold coast researchers are using nanotechnology to develop “smart windows” that could see the mass production of low-cost, energy-saving glass and lead to a huge reduction in power bills. Glass is a popular building material because it lets in light, but its insulation properties are poor. Researchers at Griffith University have set out to make glass more energy saving so it can, for instance, keep a building cool on hot days and warm on cold...

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Elon Musk: Tesla’s Solar Roofs Will Be Cheaper Than Regular Roofs & Have “Infinity Warranty”

Futurism IN BRIEF Last night, Elon Musk announced that Tesla’s solar roofs would be on sale starting today. At the time, he also stated that more information on the panels was forthcoming. Now, he has unveiled key details about Tesla’s “infinity warranty.” A NOTABLE ANNOUNCEMENT Last night, Elon Musk announced via Twitter that orders would begin today (May 10th, 2017) for his revolutionary solar roof hardware. In another tweet, he promised that ordering would be available in most countries throughout the world. He also clarified that people could expect to see delivery begin in the United States in late 2017,...

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Indian Space Agency Test-Drives Solar Electric Hybrid Vehicle

Solar Daily The Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) added another milestone to its list of achievements by successfully showcasing a solar-electric hybrid vehicle. ISRO’s different engineering branches at the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre in Thiruvananthapuram developed the vehicle. The team working on the project developed a solar panel to fit on the roof of a car, along with an internal gearbox, control electronics for the battery and solar panel, and a conversion kit for fitting an electric motor to a vehicle with an internal combustion engine. The vehicle was powered by ISRO’s famed Lithium-ion batteries, with a high power...

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The Last American Vagabond “Surely no member of the vegetable kingdom has ever been more misunderstood than hemp. For too many years, emotion-not reason-has guided our policy toward this crop. And nowhere have emotions run hotter than in the debate over the distinction between industrial hemp and marijuana. – David P. West Ph.D, North American Industrial Hemp Council. When discussing an issue of such political relevance, some might think that emotions and personal feelings would be left at the door, yet those individuals clearly do not understand American politics. This particular topic has a long and devious history of waters being muddied...

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West Virginia House Unanimously Approves Commercial Hemp Farming

Activist Post By Michael Maharrey Today, the West Virginia House unanimously passed a bill that would significantly expand the state’s hemp licensing program, opening the door for anybody in the state to produce or process industrial hemp for commercial purposes. Final approval would set the foundation to end federal prohibition in practice. Del. Jeff Eldridge (D-Alum Creek) and Del. Jim Butler (R-Henderson) introduced House Bill 2453 (HB2453) on Feb. 15. The legislation would remove language in the current hemp licensing program restricting it to the Department of Agriculture and state institutions of higher learning. Under the proposed law, any person with...

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