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Canadians In Paradise Papers Will Be Investigated: Trudeau

ICIJ Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Canada Revenue Agency would investigate Canadians names in the Paradise Papers. as he fended off questions about his relationship with his close ally and Liberal Party fundraiser Stephen Bronfman. The comments came a day after ICIJ and its partners, which included Canada’s CBC, published the year-long investigation. “We are fully committed to fighting tax evasion and tax avoidance,” said Trudeau, speaking in the House of Commons. “I will let the individuals involved comment on the situation. But I can tell you that the revenue agency is examining all links abroad and will take all...

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Live Webinar on Thursday – Galactic Federation of Light vs The Dark Cabals

PAO LIVE WEBINAR on Thursday~~ This Webinar will discuss why there have been so many delays and reveal the GF’s latest plans to overcome the lingering obstacles created by the Cabals. Galactic Federation of Light vs The Dark Cabals For many years, the Galactic Federation, Ascended Masters and Earth allies have been working towards the defeat of the Dark Cabals. Topics include… • Who are the Galactic Federation human first contact team members? • Who are the Dark Cabals? Why do they relentlessly create obstacles? • Why can’t the GF arrive immediately? Why so many delays? • What can...

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Suzanne Lie – The Great Reunion-By Our Galactic Family

Awakening with Suzanne Lie By Our Galactic Family This morning I awoke with a “dream” message from the Arcturians and my Galactic Family. It seems that last night I was likely on the Ship receiving my next Earth Assignment, which is our next Multidimensional School. The name of this particular school is, “From Global to Galactic.” Therefore, as soon as I awoke, I went to my computer to ask The Arcturians and my Galactic Family about this “dream—inter-dimensional message.” The message I receive is below. It appears that this message was/is from the Arcturians, as well as my Galactic...

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Election Reflections and an Open Letter to Donald Trump

 Thanks Nancy! Thrive Movement From Foster Gamble INTRODUCTION Like many of you, I have grave concern over the seething fear, anger, hatred and violence in the U.S. right now, based on what I see as deep misunderstandings and overly simplistic “black or white” thinking. That Clinton vs. Trump was our “choice” is huge confirmation that we continue to participate in a system of grabbing for illegitimate power that is corrupt to its core. It is chillingly reminiscent of the era of the Spanish Civil War — that started with the social awkwardness of Left vs. Right arguments among family...

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Benjamin Fulford Update – Breaking News – George Soros Killed By White Hats

Ascension with Mother Earth Benjamin Fulford “The word is out that Soros is dead. It is being discussed at the Pentagon as well. He was taken out. One by one the Bush/Clinton/crime syndicate is being removed. I will update you as I have more data”.~Benjamin Fulford 11/19/2016   Don’t know who George Soros is …. watch the CNN 60 minutes interview that exposes what he represents….    ...

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Meet Shane: Stargate Repair and Daily Life on a Peace-Keeping Starship – November 15, 2016

Published on Nov 15, 2016 In this ground-breaking interview, Alexandra introduces Shane, a galactic council diplomat and stargate-repair engineer. Shane responded to Alexandra’s call for Ambassadors and Guardians, especially those working out of the limelight, to make contact at Galactic Connection. This will be the first of a series of interviews Alexandra will conduct with Shane, as with other new faces in the ascension and exo-political communities. As always, questions from listeners are welcome for the upcoming interviews. Shane’s near-complete memories of his nightly dreamtime life aboard a vast and ancient inter-galactic starship provide endlessly fascinating material for this...

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Alexandra Meadors: Urgent Message – November 4, 2016

Published on Nov 4, 2016 Alexandra Conveys a Timely Message from Prime Creator : (Note: Please see both the video interview, which includes the message from Prime Creator and Alexandra’s introductory comments, and also the accompanying text of the message alone.) On November 1, Alexandra received a message of Divine Intervention onto our planetary collective, a notice of the start of an intensifying implosion of plasma light energy with multitudinous effects to be experienced over the next few weeks. These effects include successive frequency upgrades for those choosing ascension. This will occur in several stages and will culminate in...

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Alexandra Meadors: An Urgent Message To The Guardians – June 28, 2016

Published on Jun 28, 2016 Alexandra Meadors delivers a timely, urgent and heartfelt message to the Guardians! Please listen to the entire message as she makes an announcement at the very end! Check out our Daily Blog page: Like our Facebook page: Follow us on Twitter:...

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Adam Apollo: Revisiting Camelot – May 10, 2016

Published on May 10, 2016 Alexandra Meadors and Adam Apollo discuss the parallels of Camelot, Egypt, the British Isles and the idea that we reincarnate back into similar missions with our soul families over many thousands of years. Adam highlights how damaging Christianity’s role was in that there was no longer any acceptance of the diversity of divinity in the Universe and the tremendous fear that this induced as so many lost their loved ones in various incarnations or their very lives because they did not fit into this religious mold. The mass slaughter in Egypt created trauma which...

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Did An Extraterrestrial Speak To Us?

  Six years ago (6/2010) the following narrative was posted at the MUFON Case Management System page; the submitter was from Mississippi. On the same day I received a email from a man in Mississippi that contained the same text. After I contacted this person, he denied that he ever sent it. I later found out that several other investigators and researchers received the same email…between 2008 through 2010. No one has been able to find the original author. Did an extraterrestrial actually attempt contact? It’s just one of those strange mysteries that may never be answered. [wc_divider style=”solid” line=”single” margin_top=”” margin_bottom=””]...

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Guardian Alliance Vault: Awakening a Deeper Knowing – with Adam Apollo [VIDEO]

In this excerpt from the Guardian Alliance Member’s Vault, Adam Apollo explores the process of awakening to the field, and beginning to receive all the information available to us in the fabric of spacetime itself. Links Guardian Alliance

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Alexandra Meadors: Insights and Revelations – Who Are The Guardians? January 19, 2016 [VIDEO]

Published on Jan 19, 2016 Alexandra Meadors has a stellar record of amazing interviews under her belt; however, she is usually always posing questions to her interviewee. We have all been curious about Alexandra’s background, and the profound wisdom and knowledge she holds. In this video, Alexandra is answering the questions and gets down to the fundamentals of Alexandra the person, and the history of the Mission she is on. What is a Guardian? Where do the Guardians fit in regarding the bigger picture? Who and what is the Guardian Aliiance? Listen to Alexandra’s explanations and deep contemplations in yet another milestone for her! Check out our Daily Blog page: Like our Facebook page:… Follow us on Twitter:

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It Has Become Evident That The Fake Apocalypse Is About To Occur!

This Is How The Controllers Are Engineering A Fake Apocalypse by Gregg Prescott, M.S. With all of the recent news, it has become evident that the engineered apocalypse is about to occur. As the Age of Pisces comes to an end, Pope Benedict stepped down from his rule.  This is the first time in over 600 years that a pope has resigned. As we enter the Age of Aquarius, a new energy takes over, so right on schedule, the Roman Catholic Church will announce the presence of extraterrestrial beings. Contrary to what many think, Aquarius is an air sign and is not a water sign.  For the past 2,000+ years (2,160 to be exact), we have been in the age of Pisces, which is represented by the two fish.  This is why you see the “Jesus fish” on bumper stickers.  Now that we are heading into the Age of Aquarius, a new sign will become prominent.  While Aquarius is the “Water Bearer”, it is possible that the new sign of religion will be water related, it is also possible that it could be “air” related, as in the announcement of extraterrestrial visitors. The Roman Catholic Church’s name has been synonymous with pedophilia for many, many years and they always handle these cases internally which indicates how they have been holding back information from the public for as long as...

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David Wilcock: I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance Comment by dwilcock on March 17, 2015 @ 2:08 am I strongly suspect that Putin was having meetings with the Alliance. I don’t have any idea why Ben came out with such an unprovoked and groundless accusation that Putin was involved in 3/11. Ben has been in at least three Russian documentaries that greatly exposed what is going on, and this included a documentary that talked about 3/11 and repeated what he said about it being caused by Israel. From what I have been hearing on my end, the panic is every bit as high in the space program side of the Cabal / Illuminati as it is on the terrestrial side. The Alliance wants to: Do away with all cabals and secrecy on earth; Release all forbidden technologies (very advanced stuff); Eliminate money completely (we will not need it); Bring us into cooperation with positive ETs (there are many); Set up a transitional government, which then leads to; Clearing out most forms of government entirely; Completely restore the biosphere, reverse droughts, feed people; Colonize space much more than the “colonies” that now exist. I am sure there are other goals, but those are the ones we know of. Governments will not be necessary beyond a limited degree when everything is open and honest, there is no need for money because everyone has what they need, and people can all have...

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Planet X Nibiru – Insider Tells His Story About Watching Nibiru Coming In By John Ale “Do You Want to Hear Insider Tell His Story About Watching Nibiru Coming In, With Buddies From CIA? They watched it on the Hubble Space Telescope. Mariya Burtin have put together a video showing what our governments are chemspraying for , to hide whatever is in the sky , have you not looked up lately?”...

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SaLuSa ~ The light within is dancing and singing inside of you 2/18/2015 by Laura M Dear ones, we come forth again after some time with no messages from us. We needed to leave you settle into the new energies enveloping your planet for some time, and also there was quite a lot of things going on behind the scenes, involving currencies update and finance resetting of the monetary system. We are aware of the fact that many of you are desperately awaiting change. This change needs to be on the spiritual matter, but also on a more practical matter in order for all your earthly needs to be met, in order to provide a sense of security for you all. The behind the scenes work continues, and we do have hope that the Earth teams will coordinate their efforts towards a global finance resetting that would affect the entire planet on a large scale. We hope to reach out to many countries, and to diminish the sense of inequality in the world between the existing countries. We would like to see an evenly spread of wealth and capital across the planet. We would like to see the end of poverty and injustice on your planet, however, knowing who is at the top of the cabal pyramid, we already know that they are doing all that they can to stop our efforts for a fair, just and equitable life style...

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